What makes the Maldives such a great holiday destination is that there’s always something year-round to experience; that said, there are two specific seasons each with different allures.

Weather in General

Balmy weather with an average of eight hours of glorious sunshine a day is experienced almost the whole year through with temperatures ranging from 25 – 30°C. In fact, the water temperatures also rarely drop beneath 25°C. Whatever the season, resorts such as Baros Maldives let you enjoy outdoor adventures and indoor comforts galore.

The Dry Season

Img via Baros Maldives

Typically, the dry season from November to April is what most would term the best time to visit Maldives; villas at island resorts are ideal for those looking to take holidays during this period known for relatively more sunshine and lots of water sports and excursions. Do keep in mind rates are generally higher as well.

The Wet Season

May to October is usually the wet season which sees monsoonal rains arrive; while you will get heavy showers, they are mostly brief and you will find time to soak up the sun and enjoy activities too. Remember, that during this “off-peak” period, rates and airfare are comparatively less as are tourist numbers.

Season Highlights

The dry season is a time when the ocean is calmer and also offers amazing visibility perfect for snorkelling and diving in Maldives as well as for sunset cruises. On the flip side, the wet season is typically when you get the best swells for surfing and more plankton which draw whale sharks and manta rays!