Ever tried feeding a shark? Bet you haven’t even imagined seeing a shark in the first place in such a close proximity. But at Sea World Indonesia, feeding sharks is an experience!

In Indonesia, it is the first underwater recreation. With about three hectares of building space, SeaWorld Indonesia is perched in Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park complex. It is not difficult to locate this place. If you take lodiging at somewhere like Somerset Berlian Jakarta, one of the Jakarta Service Apartments, your journey will be more convenient.

Feeding sharks is a breathtaking experience to sight. They go arrogant during the feeding course. They swim hurriedly to grab the diet. The diet won’t last long. The creatures wolf it down fast and look for more.

SeaWorld Indonesia is home to a great number of marine fauna. This serves for three purposes: educational, conservation and entertainment. You will get to see many tanks including the main tank and shark tank.

The most striking feature, perhaps, will be the white crocodile exhibition. Your chance to see them elsewhere in the world is highly unlikely. In the main tank you will get to see 3500 marine animals. They have filled the tank with the amazing number of five million litres of salt water. Sharkquarium, name given to where sharks swim, has over seven different species of sharks. In the freshwater are live Piranha, Arapaima Gigas, and Electric Eel.

Antasena Tunnel is a must for photo-freak. Its transparent roof gives you an underwater look without getting wet. It is a 80-meter long tunnel in the Main tank. Ecosystem Tank is where Sponge and Coral and little marine animals like Clownfish and Guppies swim. Deep Sea Area is dedicated to preserve and conserve deep sea animals. They are kept in a glass tube.

You will be simply wonderstruck at their effort to conserve the underwater life. Their effort is not only amazing, but it is beyond imagination.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+