Ayurveda Sri Lanka Panchakarma | Courtesy: Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel

Sri Lanka, a beautiful tropical island nation, is one of South Asia’s most fascinating tourist destinations. With a rich heritage dating back to over 2500 years and a multi-cultural and multi ethnic society, and attractions such as the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, the Dambulla Cave Temple, the Yala National Park, and the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club, Sri Lanka is a unique destination for an exotic vacation. If you are visiting the island to experience the Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, check out the many hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka that offer Ayurveda treatments, such as the Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel.

The ancient art of Ayurveda has been practiced in South Asia for over 2000 years. Ayurveda, a spiritual practice that aspires towards complete mental and physical wellbeing, has now spread all over the world as being one of the most popular forms of alternative treatments for the body and mind. Sri Lanka has a rich tradition of Ayurveda that dates back many hundreds of years ago. One of its most authentic therapies is the Panchakarma Treatments.

Panchakarma is a word derived from Sanskrit, and essentially translates to “five actions”. In the Ayurvedic sense, however, Panchakarma translates to the “five treatments”. Thus, Panchakarma Treatments are the foremost treatments in Ayurveda that are designed to bring harmony to one’s body and create a sense of tranquility and contentment in an individual. In our day to day lives, we create many imbalances in our body and mind through excessive consumption, stressful lifestyles, lack of exercises, and genetic pre-dispositions. Through Panchakarma, these imbalances are sought to be removed by way of individualized treatments. The five treatments are, Abhyanga; a sensual oil-massage, Garshana; consisting of cleansing of the skin, Swedana a blissful herbal steam-bath, Pizichili; a bath in soothing natural oils, and Udvartana; a penetrative herbal paste massage. These treatments will detoxify the body, sooth your muscles relieving you of stress, heighten your senses, and give you a sensation of absolute bliss.

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