Oman is a country with a long and storied history. It is only natural then, that it has a rich culture that has been shaped through generations. So, if you’re planning to tour through the region, here’s what you can expect from Omani culture.

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A Cultural Melting Pot

The earlier records of Oman’s history can be traced back to over 100,000 years. In that time, various peoples have crossed into and integrated with the region. As a result, the Oman you see today is a massive cultural mashup – you’ll find traces of the ancient Persian empire here, as wells as the throes of Portuguese colonialism.

What Makes It Unique

The blend of various cultures – both local and foreign over many centuries – is what makes Omani culture so unique. Various museums dotted around the country in cities like Muscat and Sur will proudly showcase ancient relics like weaponry and coinage. So, if for instance, you’re staying at a hotel Sur, Oman has to offer – such as the Sur Plaza Hotel – make sure to seek these establishments out.

Clothing and Attire

When it comes to traditional clothing and attire, you’ll find that the Omani wardrobe is quite extensive. The white dishdasha is the traditional dress of the country. This is usually paired with the kumma, a traditional hat that you’ll see many of the locals adorning.

A Sense of Community

You’ll find that the Omani culture has a real sense of camaraderie and community that goes along with it. Within society, great value is placed on familial roles and bonds. This also extends to international relationships, and you’ll find the Omani people to be quite a friendly bunch.