Today, the focus on healthy living is stronger than ever. More and more people are opting to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. They are stepping out to get regular exercise and choosing wholesome food over processed and chemically enhanced varieties. People are seeking out wellness with natural remedies and traditional medicines. One ancient science of healing that is being revived is, Ayurveda. Today, thetraditional techniques and remedies are being accepted and studied as a part of medical science. As is the case in many other Asian countries,it is being widely practised in spas and salons throughout Sri Lanka. Ayurveda hotel properties are also growing in number.
To fully learn the art of healthy living, visit South Asia. In Sri Lanka natural remedies and wholesome food are an intrinsic part of the local culture. Many hotels are now promoting this lifestyle choice to its guests. A few exclusive properties like Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions promote wellness as a holistic experience. The hotel offers dedicated Ayurveda; packages that include seminars, retreats and programmes with expert doctors and therapists.
Sri Lankan cuisine incorporates a number of what have casually been dubbed ‘Super foods’. Ingredients like ginger, garlic, sweet potato, curd and honey are consumed in generous quantities on a daily basis and act as natural immunity boosters. The abundance of tropical fruit like papaya, soursop and guava provide nutritious vitamins and minerals, and boost immunity-enhancing action. Practitioners of ancient medicine have also invented and produced herbal remedies over many generations to deal with colds, coughs, aches and pains. Tonics and ointments have all been created with completely natural ingredients. There is an additional belief in cooling foods and warming foods; which change according to the weather, individual body type and health condition.

Shehera Fioni is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Catalina Forbes. Her content is based on many thrilling escapades offered to travellers across the world.