Sri Lanka’s commercial capital and biggest city, Colombo is a colourful city with a mixture of old historical colonial building and contemporary life, that offers a variety of memorable experiences. It has the laid-back charm of the previous colonial era, combined with the vibrancy of a modern day city. This is where you’ll find the best shops, restaurants, and luxury residential homes. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that those who want to live a more luxurious life tend to stay in the city, particularly the urban areas near the famed Galle Face Green.

Here you’ll find some luxury apartments in Colombo, like the One Galle Face; located opposite the Galle face green and the coastline. Most of the popular 5 star hotels are also located near the lush promenade. Spotting sleek, expensive cars is common on the roads and you’ll rarely see the fashion conscious men and women without their designer clothes and accessories. Much like any western modern city, Colombo has its share of boutique hotels, bohemian art scenes and even a fully fledged hipster community.

In addition, when it comes to nightlife, there’s no other city that offers the variety of options available here. There are several hot nightclubs and bars that cater to young adults, and a wide range of excellent restaurants that serve delicious international and locally inspired cuisine. Numerous casinos draw crowds with their flashing neon lights and a promise of a lucky evening. Most offer baccarat, poker, gamblers roulette, blackjack, and other games to try your luck. A few years ago, Colombo was lacking in several areas, but today, the city has undergone a transformation to a lively and intriguing place that is constantly reinventing itself to keep up with the glamorous times.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.