It’s always holiday season whenever you visit the islands of Maldives, but the tropical paradise boasts different attractions and offers different experiences to its visitors during the international holiday seasons you chose to visit here. Read on to know more about these Holiday seasons in the Maldives.


Bringing your kids to the Maldives during Easter is one of the best things you could do to make them cherish a vacation of their lifetime. Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and your accommodations decorated to your preference are some of the exciting things you could experience when you are here during Easter.


Resort properties usually go to their extremes to make their guests happy during holiday seasons. Christmas holiday season is one of the busiest seasons of Maldives. It is also the most colourful. Even though it never snows in the Maldives all inclusive Maldives resort properties offer their guests the best vacation experience one could ever enjoy during Christmas.

Image Credit - Kandolhu Maldives
Image Credit – Kandolhu Maldives

Things to remember

Remember that most of the travellers visit the Maldives during holiday seasons and it could get pretty crowded during this time of the year, so it is recommended that you plan your stay prior to your arrival. Look out for special offers when booking your stay as almost all the resort properties the likes of Kandolhu Maldives offer exclusive deals and offers which will allow you to enjoy more while saving some extra bucks.

What to expect

If you are visiting the Maldives during the holiday season most of the resorts will have arranged exclusive holiday-themed events for you and for your loved ones to enjoy and if you bring your kids along resorts offer special discounts and events for them to enjoy a happy vacation.

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