The billion dollar bullion collection of Thailand is more or less centralized within the confines of the original Chinatown area in the heart of Bangkok. The throngs of people who flock to the Bangkok Boulevard to assimilate a lifetime worth of gold for their special occasions, for their near and dear and for investment purposes find a fine assortment of jewellery for sale. The gold bars also come in various shapes and sizes and are the best choice if you want to craft your own designs.

The streets of Bangkok have always been busy and the shopping arenas have been no exception. The row of boutiques and shops that trade in gold, located on ‘Yaowarat Road’ are quite a sight. The windows are draped in gold chains and the winds that sweep in as you enter make the bangles jingle from their corner. Ladies will find much that feasts their eyes and the gents will have a handsome amount of spending to do. However, the gold is quite reasonably priced, which is what makes Yaowarat Road such a favourite amongst jewellery hunters.

Business has been in full swing for a number of centuries now, and the locals attribute the phenomenal success to the curved nature of the Yaowarat Road, which is similar to the bowed shape of a dragon, which is a symbol of prosperity in the region. Similar to all the other walkways, roads and interchanges in the Thai capital, even the golden road has no shortage of eateries and wayside cafes. Hence, those who are planning on spending a good deal of their day hopping in and out of glitzy shops can always pause for a bite in between.

The locality is accessible through the usual tuk tuk, taxi or bus, but the most exciting is the boat ride. The Ratchawong Pier is only a short walking distance from Yaowarat Road, therefore couple the golden experience with a ride along the not so flamboyant waters of the Chaophraya River.

This busy bullion exchange is located a convenient distance away from many a Bangkok hotel to the joy of tourists. Most will anyway choose a Sukhumvit hotel as the hub from which to engage in their shopping. The Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Bangkok is one such popular hub that most shoppers choose.