Venice, in Italy, has been romanticized by the entertainment industry, but not unjustly so. It has often been called a “gift for all senses” where your sight and hearing are confronted with unforeseen sensations, while authentic Italian cuisine explodes on your taste buds. Love really is in the air in Venice – you can feel it on your skin, in the wind. The delicious smell of Italian food mingling with the freshness of a canal is a new experience for the olfactory. Thus, in a city of strange things to see and explore, it is natural that you two will come closer together learning more and more about each other.

One of the most romantic things to do in Venice is to take a gondola ride. While you might feel like it is overrated, there is something about cuddling on a narrow boat while Italian folk tales are sung in ballad form. You could also visit Piazza San Marco, and explore the palace. Visit the Bridge of Sighs, a place where sadness emanates from every pore. You could try authentic Italian cuisine in little shops, walk the labyrinth of streets and get deliciously lost. Do not be wary of walking down that narrow alley, you might be surprised with what novelty awaits in these hole-in-the-wall boutiques.

While planning your honeymoon to Venice can be done on your own, it is easier to opt for one of the tour packages from Sri Lanka. While not many places offer the destination in their honeymoon packages, you can always make a Europe tour – Jetwing Holidays alone has four tours to choose from – and make sure that Venice is among the places you visit. The romance in the air will surely seep into the new bond you have just made, and your life together will be enriched for having bonded over the lovelorn streets of Italy.

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