Being an Islamic and conservative country, the UAE and its capital Abu Dhabi have many laws and customs that one should keep in mind when visiting here be it on business or pleasure. Of course before heading out to this enchanting region make sure to find a suitable hotel in Abu Dhabi which to base yourself at. If you are in search of luxurious accommodation Abu Dhabi has to offer and one which enjoys a truly unique setting, then consider Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi which lies along the waterfront.

There are a few key aspects one should remember when it comes to the “do and don’ts” in Abu Dhabi. Do respect the customs and laws which include dressing in a conservative manner and refraining from swearing in public. Make sure you also bring along sufficient funds since bank transfers can sometimes take time, though credit cards can be used. Carry an ID with you at all times and also bring along an international driving licence if you have one and are planning to drive in Abu Dhabi. Don’t take photographs of military or government installations and refrain from taking pictures of locals (of women in particular) without their consent. Do not consume alcohol in public unless it’s at a licensed bar or restaurant and keep away from showing too much displays of affection in public.

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