Gallery Of Modern Art 

The Gallery of Modern Art is an art gallery located in Glasgow, Scotland. Opened in 1996 it has quickly become the country’s most widely visited gallery for modern art. The gallery is housed inside the former townhouse of William Cunninghame of Lainshaw, a rich local…


Gold and Diamond Park Dubai 

The destination for every jewellery enthusiast visiting the city of Dubai is the Gold and Diamond Park, it is a renowned premise’s that many tourists and locals enjoy. The site is complete with a mall, dining areas and places to sit at and merely absorb the…


Dubai Midnight Marathon 

Those spending their holiday at a Dubai airport hotel such as Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai can opt to leave the comfort of the 5 star hotel Dubai to witness an extraordinary event scheduled to be held in the region – Dubai Midnight Marathon. Set to…


Maldivian Culture 

The Maldives is home to a rich cultural and natural heritage and staying at an award winning hotel such as Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives is an ideal way to experience what the country has to offer. Belonging to the luxury hotel group, COMO Hotels and Resorts, it…


The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter 

The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, England has been considered one of the best places producing jewellery of exceptional standard and quality for many centuries. It is also the largest collection of jewellery trade related shops congregated in one particular place in the whole of Europe….


Tate Modern in London 

If you love art, be it works from the old masters to more contemporary creations, then London with its many art galleries is the place to visit. A Central London hotel such as Metropolitan London makes for a great starting point for your tour of…


Fine Dining in Maldives 

Enjoy exquisite cuisine in the Maldives that would expose your taste buds to a whole load of different flavours. Asian feast to Italian delicacies and the much loved Maldivian authentic cuisine are prepared by the finest chefs in town. All hotels maintain a wine cellar…


Hong Kong Disneyland 

Made up of six uniquely themed areas, Hong Kong Disneyland is a blend of modern entertainment features and traditional Chinese designs. One of the top attractions at the park is “Flights of Fantasy” which is a daytime parade featuring many colorful performances. Disney in the…