Wellness Retreats in Maldives 

Today’s world is a fast paced one with 2 minute cooking preparations, 2 minute fast food, all in one cosmetics and all in one technology. Even so the average person is always still in a hurry with many things to juggle. It is no wonder…

Luxury Travel Destinations

Weiyang Palace 

The site of the well-known Weiyang Palace is a noteworthy historical site which will draw the interest of the visitor. Although few of the structures of this once magnificent complex remain today, the visitor will be able to obtain an insight into the former grandeur…


The Marina Bay Financial Centre 

The many towering skyscrapers of Singapore is what gives this little city a skyline to die for. Around the sophisticated Marina Bay one can find a whole niche of sky scrapers. Standing boldly exhibiting the most complex structure and architecture, these buildings give a modern…