A memorable first date, that’s what you are all looking for. Aren’t you? Then choose Brisbane as the venue and be blessed with hundreds of great moments together. Here are a few suggestions.

A romantic dinner

You are in 2021, but a romantic dinner with your loved one still hasn’t gone out of style. Head to one of the best Brisbane hotels the likes of Oaks Brisbane on Charlotte Suites and enjoy a candlelit dinner. Choose your favourite menu and enjoy your moments.

Adventures together

If both of you love adventures alike, head to the Riverlife Adventure Centre. Abseiling adventures and kayaking along the Brisbane River are a few of the most amazing experiences you may try out together.

KgboRiver views of Brisbane CBD seen from Kangaroo Point, Queensland in April 2019, 04CC BY-SA 4.0

Explore a koala sanctuary

If your loved one is a koala person and if her/his dream is to pet the ever-cuddly koalas till the end of the day, take him/her to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. That’s the largest koala sanctuary in the world.

Keep yourselves entertained

Check the events calendar of the New Farm Institution and see if you can join a cabaret or a comedy show there. There’ll also be exhibitions of your sort, don’t miss out on them!