Explore a fascinating city full of contrasts! Filled with many places to visit, numerous tales to learn the rich culture and history, Thailand is the ‘heart and soul of the backpacker’s universe’.

Thailand| Img via goodfreephotos

Mouthwatering cuisine

Thailand’s splendid cuisine will be a reason that will tempt you to visit this beautiful country. You will come across a great variety of dishes with various tastes and flavours. Some of the spiciest and tangiest soups and food can be savoured from roadside stalls. It is important to note that Thailand is one of the most vegetarian-friendly destinations.

The people

Thailand is not merely known the world over as the ‘Land of Smiles’. Although fashion and new trends change over time, constant smiling faces and friendliness never go out of Thai people. Anyone who has ever been to Thailand will know how Thai people make an effort to communicate in English. That’s a redeeming quality!


Be it for island bliss or Ewok-inspired tree dwellings, Thailand featured a plethora of accommodation to spice up your stay. For instance, many a 5 star Bangkok hotel the likes of Emporium Suites by Chatrium, will provide you with the opportunity to connect with culturally rich attractions, restaurants, and shopping malls.

The beaches

The lure of lounging on a stunning beach is one reason that many travellers choose the Land of Smiles as their holiday destination. The country has no shortage of stunning coastlines, long stretches of shorelines and more than 1400 gorgeous islands.


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