Do you miss your horse rides back home? Or want to try out horse riding for the first time? Come over to the Hare Hill Trek for a splendid ride on a stallion overlooking the stunning view of the Bay beyond. A mere 20 minute drive from Dunedin, Hare Hill is a gorgeous 60 acre farm located on the north side of Otago Harbour at Deborah Bay. Located within a close proximity to the historic Port Chalmers it is a lovely way to spend another relaxing day in New Zealand among loved and cared animals with beautiful rolling hills, lush green and the inviting sea ahead.

The trek offers a range of animals to suite the rider’s experience level, skills and weight and a ride suitable for all ages. There are a number of different treks to choose from at the farm, the scenic harbour trek that overlooks the harbour from atop a hill and offers breathtaking bird’s eye view, the half day trek hare hill trail, full day trek, beach ride or an overnight escape. The beach ride is especially enjoyable for those riders with more experience and skill and can gallop along the beach and let yourself go with the wind. Whichever trek you chose, there is bound to be stunning scenery to capture so don’t forget to bring along your camera. During the ride, there will be a short picnic on the green where you can rest and have a bite out in the open.

Oliver and Cheryl will ensure you have a splendid day out with their warm smiles and helping hand but before you come make sure to reserve before hand and also to call and check on the weather conditions. Oliver is a qualified ESNZ Introductory Coach studying for his Development Coach status and will be happy to show you the basics in riding. Make sure to wear comfortable jeans and trainers and hats, waterproof jackets as well as riding boots can be obtained at the farm. Make sure to look after the environment and respect the animals to gain the maximum of your day out in the farm.

The Hare Hill Trek is a mere 20 minute drive from any of the Dunedin hotels and a splendid way to spend a day out. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels NZ is a sought out hotel among the New Zealand Hotels for its plush, comfortable surroundings and exquisite services.