The Thrill of Snorkelling in Maldives – Amazing Underwater Discoveries

With its crystal clear waters, vibrant corals and spectacular array of marine life, the Maldives is undoubtedly one of the best snorkelling destinations on the planet. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Resort House Reefs

A house reef is one that is generally located close to a particular luxury resort in Maldives located on its own private island. Staying at such a resort means you have easy access to the reef and can spend time exploring the waters. The needed snorkelling gear is often provided by the resort itself.

Special Excursions

Special snorkelling excursions take place at key areas where one can enjoy specific highlights such as whale sharks and hawksbill sea turtles. Resorts the likes of Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas also offer snorkelling with manta rays during their migration season (June to November).

Other Marine Sights

On a snorkelling adventure be prepared to be awed by a range of colourful coral varieties including brain, table, staghorn and lobe corals. The fish here are just as vivid with clown triggerfish, bannerfish, fusiliers and butterflyfish amongst the many species that can be spotted.

Night Snorkelling

For something different, you can even try night snorkelling in Maldives. These guided excursions offer a whole new perspective of corals and marine life after the sun has set; lionfish, lobsters, stingrays, octopuses and sharks are amongst the creatures of the night you may encounter!

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Discovering the Coral Reefs of the Maldives – Vibrant Underwater Treasures

Did you know that 25% of the world’s marine life is based in and around coral reefs! Home to 26 atolls and more than 1,000 coral islands, the Maldives is one of the best places on the planet to witness the beauty and biodiversity of such reefs.

Coral Reef Origins

Most of the reefs in the Maldives have been formed as part of a huge underwater mountain range, with corals growing beside the rim of these age-old volcanoes. The atolls make for a barrier against the currents that in turn causes nutrient-rich water to rise which further encourages coral growth.

Coral Reef Biodiversity

A coral reef isn’t an inanimate “object” and is, in fact, alive with countless organisms and marine creatures. If you are staying at a luxury resort in Maldives that offers excursions to coral reefs you can witness this biodiversity which includes more than 1,000 species; this includes a range of reef fish, eels, rays, turtles and sharks.

Conserving Corals

In order to help with coral conservation, resorts in Maldives have undertaken a variety of initiatives. Some have started coral planting projects as well as coral adoption programmes offered by resorts like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas which let guests get actively involved.

Protected Marine Areas

The government of the Maldives is also doing its part to help preserve coral reefs. It has designated protected marine areas including the Baa Atoll, Maaya Thila Reef, Banana Reef and Fish Head Reef which is hoped will help these marine ecosystems thrive well into the future.

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Snorkelling in the Maldives – A whole new world under the sea!

There’s something truly magical about snorkelling in the Maldives. Attracting visitors from the world over, these islands are home to amazing fish. Want to know more about snorkelling here?

1) What you’ll discover

You’ll come across an array of hard corals like finger, staghorn, table, lobe, brain and boulder corals as well as soft corals like leather corals. Aside from those, the wonderful variety of gorgeous marine life is simply unrivalled. Here you can meet some amazing and colourful Giant Clams, Reef Sharks, Hawksbill Turtles, Eagle Rays, Clownfish and Whale Sharks. The list goes on.

2) General info

The Maldives are basically a group of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean with around 1200 islands. 200 of these are inhabited and is known for being the lowest elevated country in the world with its highest point being less than 8 feet above sea level. If you’re searching for a luxury resort, Maldives has plenty around, like the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas for example.

3) Timing

The Maldives has 2 seasons, its monsoons. The dry season is during the Northeast Monsoon and the wet season is during the Southwest Monsoon. The driest months being between January and April and the Wettest month between May and December. With the lowest average wind speeds between March and April, this is the ideal time to visit.

4) The best way to snorkel

Checking out a resort with an excellent house reef is one of the best ways and the safest way to engage in the activity.

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Interesting Facts about Dolphins – The Smartest Oceanic Animals

Extremely popular and highly intelligent, Dolphins have captured the attention of humans like no other animal. Best known for its curious and helpful nature, here are some other interesting facts about dolphins.

There are over 40 species of dolphins

Forty-three to be exact, out of which, thirty-eight of them are the oceanic variety and five are river dolphins. The oceanic dolphins are the most well-known dolphins and the ones most commonly seen by people. The river dolphins are rarely seen unless you live near their respective habitats.

They breathe air like us

Regardless of where they live, Dolphins need to breathe air to survive. They swim up to the surface at varying time intervals to breathe before diving under again. This cycle can last for as long as 30 minutes in the large species.

They are curious about people

Dolphins are naturally curious creatures. Archaeological evidence shows ancient civilizations that had access to the sea have interacted with dolphins. Even today, they aren’t shy of boats and have been known to swim right alongside people in the water. If you’ve ever been on a dolphin watching tour found at places like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, for example, a luxury resort in Maldives, you would have come to notice how charming they can be.

They use echolocation

Dolphins have the ability to emit ‘clicks’ – sound waves that travel far and wide. The returning echo is used to map out their surroundings and detect any danger or prey nearby.

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Types of Accommodation in Maldives – Finding Your Perfect Escape

accommodation in maldives, luxury resorts in maldives

Family Accommodation in Maldives | Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort

Just as important as what is on offer at a holiday destination is where you are going to lay your head at night! Yes, having the right room with the right amount of comforts can make all the difference. Of course in a place like Maldives, an added feature is the awe-inspiring backdrops that provide that added sense of allure.

While you do get city hotels with conventional rooms in places like the capital Male, you can enjoy a whole new kind of accommodation experience at luxury resort Maldives has to offer. Each of these options has something different be it the amenities or the setting.

One of the most distinctive and popular accommodation types would undoubtedly be over water suites or villas. Perched above the waters, be it lagoon or sea, these charming sanctuaries let you get up close with nature and soak up glorious coastal landscapes. This kind of accommodation available at resorts like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, come with special added touches; these include having glass panel areas in the floor that offer fascinating views of ocean life below or steps leading directly to the waters where you can have a swim anytime you wish. Come sunset or sunrise (depending on which direction your abode is facing) sit back and enjoy Mother Nature’s amazing “show”.

Of course, if you prefer you could choose a bungalow or villa on land, specifically by the beach. This type of accommodation gives you the chance to experience coastal living at its best; fall asleep to the sounds of the sea and awake to the sight of the sunrise with the soft sands of the beach lying just across from your doorway. Water sports enthusiasts can also easily access the many beachside activities on offer, while there is nothing like lazing in the shade along the shore with your favourite book, as the world drifts slowly by.

For that extra bit of indulgence, you can look to stay at a pool villa (be it over water or by the beach). Such options are perfect if you want to enjoy a lazy dip or swim in your own private pool, while also taking in the breathtaking panoramas that Maldives is so richly blessed with.

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