When you visit Chiang Mai’s old city, you will not be disappointed in terms of food! Here’s a list of the dishes you can try when you’re there.

Sticky Rice

This delicacy is a must-try when in Thailand! The rice is soaked in water overnight, steamed and served in a sticky ball. Sticky rice usually accompanies the soup. Mango sticky rice is another delicacy, a famous Thai dessert with coconut sauce and fresh mangoes. Plenty of Chiang Mai restaurants serve this dish.

Dennis Wong from Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Mango sticy rice (3859549574)CC BY 2.0

Khao Ko Moo

Pig leg cooked for over 15 hours in soy sauce, served with tasty gravy and rice is what Khao Ko Moo is. Each of the stalls at Chang Puak Market has varying versions of this dish, each one different yet tasty in their very own way.

Khanom Bua Loi

A warm Thai dessert, this dish is not the most pretty looking but it tastes absolutely amazing! A creamy white soup made with sweetened coconut milk and balls of green rice flour, don’t miss out!

User:MattesBualoy kaiwan – Thai food, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Yum Ped Yang

If you’re looking for a duck delicacy, then you must try the Yum Ped Yang at Service 1921, a duck breast salad like no other!


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