Sigiriya Rock Fortress is one of the most outstanding archaeologists sights in Sri Lanka. It is also known as the eighth wonder of the world. There are many tourists who come from all over the world to see this unique and ancient rock fortress. The Sigiriya Rock is acclaimed for its excellent arrangements, wonderful frescoes, stunning water powered framework and a piece of intricate work. At the top of the rock fortress, a 360 view of the vast heavenly island can be seen. The marble steps to the top of the Sigiriya will take one through a verifiable trip of religion, culture and a rich history. One of the main sights is the beautiful white Buddha statue in white. Taya Finch is a luxury destination specialist for a Sri Lankan Luxury Holiday. The Resorts that are selected by Taya Finch caters to the traveler with old-world splendor and barefoot luxury. There is a wide selection of hotels and resorts that are selected by Taya Finch which are unique and exclusive.

There are many things that needs to be seen at the Rock Fortress such as the Mamoth Lion’s Paw which is a artistic masterpiece among Sigiriya’s architectural splendor ,which is worth stopping by and snapping some memorable snapshots. There are references in the graffiti to 500 ladies in the famous frescos paintings .However, most have been lost forever. More frescoes, different from those on the rock face, can be seen elsewhere, for example on the ceiling of the location called the “Cobra Hood Cave”. Although the frescoes are classified as in the Anuradhapura period, the painting style is considered unique. There are many interpretations on what these paintings actually mean. The true identity of these paintings of these ladies have not yet been confirmed. The Mirror wall is now partially covered with verses scribbled by visitors to the rock. The mirror wall has verses dating from as early as the 8th century. People of all types wrote on the wall, on varying subjects such as love, irony, and experiences of all sorts.

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