Paris, is a dream city which every sanely person would love to visit. When it comes to fashion, Paris gets voted top, simply because of its avant-garde designs made with the proficient hands of world’s top class designers. Paris Fashion Week is organized in the most snobbish venues in the Paris City. Carrousel du Louvre is where the event is usually held. The extravagant fashion shows are the best segment of fashion display where the most chic and elegant clothing worn by beautiful women are brought forth. Paris Fashion Week is one of the major fashion events held in Paris and one of the biggest fashion shows displayed internationally.

This magnificent event is held semi annually presenting designs for spring/summer and autumn/winter. Paris Fashion Week is a whole busy week filled with glamour, style and beauty which communities over the world get attracted to. There are four main fashion weeks in the world, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Week which is the most enchanting of all. The Paris Fashion Week for the winter season 2102 was held on the 18th of January which included top-notch fashion designers like Yohan Serfati, Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Paul Smith, Comme des Garcons, Homme Plus and more. The main motive of these high end runway shows is for promoting the renowned fashion designers.

The best models in Paris feature in the Fashion Week with the most exquisite clothing which has a great deal of value and cost that has been incurred on it. The people visiting Paris during this week should definitely catch a glimpse of the lovely runway show which is a very pleasant sight. It would be great if a traveler can spend time in Paris to experience the lively atmosphere, places of attraction and the beautiful setting of the night sky. Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris is a Luxury Hotel Paris which would give you a comfortable time and a spectacular view of the Paris city with the background of the Eifel Tower lighting up the whole landscape. If you are in Paris a visitor can find plenty of Luxury Hotels Paris if you desire a dreamy Paris holiday.