Summer is the time when almost everyone living in countries experiencing seasons think about a break. With a huge choice of excellent destinations on offer holidaymakers are spoilt for choice. Private beaches, tropical islands, world heritage sites, mountains and lakes, shopping, glamorous nightlife, food and wine, sporting holidays are among the vacation attractions that beckon those looking for that luxurious summer break.

Sun, sea and sand coupled with relaxation and romance is what is in most people’s minds as a good way to have a luxury break after wet and gloomy winter months. Throw in luxurious accommodation amongst exotic tropical vegetation, stretches of sandy white beaches, warm weather and clear blue seas, water sports, scuba diving, plenty of fun excursions and orange tinged sunsets and most people are sold on exotic beach holidays. With plenty of beach destinations all over the world offering well packaged breaks for couples, singles and families, selecting one is a matter of clicking a mouse.

Summer is also the month that luxury hotels around the world dish up the best for their guests. Head to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Rome and Dubai among other destinations to enjoy truly luxurious city experiences at designer hotels with over the top luxury touches, pampering as never before, high end shopping, out of this world entertainment and world class sporting events.

What about heritage sites that offer a gamut of extraordinary sights in addition to luxury accommodation, sunny weather, good food and a friendly atmosphere? Those looking at these sites for luxury summer breaks have an extraordinary choice around the world.

Then there are those that seek spiritual enlightenment and detoxifying treatments surrounded by luxury. Excellent spas and yoga retreats on beaches, in the mountains and eco tourist resorts in many parts of the world offer Ayurveda inspired cuisine, meditation and yoga classes, relaxing massages, aromatherapy treatments even consultation with specialists as part of luxury breaks that cater to both body and mind.

Go to Antarctica on a luxury cruise or to Africa to enjoy the many game reserves packed with wildlife or even to South America to raft down the Amazon or to climb a jagged peak. Private travel and journeys for small groups where vacationers are accompanied by local specialists, insider access to otherwise off limits heritage sites, intimate upscale accommodation often in private reserves away from crowds is another type of luxury summer break that may appeal to well healed vacationers. Luxury train journeys such as those made famous by the Orient Express, luxury river cruises and sailing are some of the other luxurious ways to spend a summer break.

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