Greystone Mansion and Park 

Majestic and spectacular in appearance, the Greystone Mansion and Park is a unique attraction to visit in Beverly Hills. The site comprises of a lush garden covering approximately 16 acres of land on which the famous Greystone Mansion is located. The mansion, built in 1928,…


Dubai run 

Garnering a reputation that demands attention, the global city of Dubai is nothing short of vibrant. If you see beyond the materialistic surface of the city, you will discover a land of exuberant yet hospitable locals. A myriad of flamboyant restaurants, shopping malls, modish clubs,…


Shop until you Drop 

The state of the art structure that stands for International Finance Centre (IFC) is a renowned mall that houses over 200 department stores and development centres in Hong Kong. This structure, belonging to one of the many imposing buildings among the city skyline of Hong…