The Musee Rodin is located in Paris, France. The museum was established in 1919 at the location of the Hotel Biron and its surrounding land areas. The museum was established following the demise of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. Much of the museum displays the sculptured works of Auguste Rodin. Hotel Biron was used by Auguste Rodin as his place of residence commencing from the year 1908. Following 1908, Auguste Rodin donated his entire collection of works, his sculptures as well as some paintings of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh which he had obtained over the years, to the French Government. But he made one request in return for his donation from the French Government, which was to turn the Hotel Biron in to a museum dedicated to his works.

Musee Rodin has some of the most important masterpieces created by Rodin; these include The Kiss and The Thinker. Much of Rodin’s sculptures are set the luscious green gardens that encompass the Musee Rodin. A casual restaurant and a small lake can be found towards the back of the Musee Rodin building. The museum can be easily accessed since it is situated in close proximity to the Varenne Metro stop. The Varenne Metro stop also features some of the works of Rodin along the platform. One can also find a room in the museum that is dedicated to the works of Camille Claudel.

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