Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing for the purpose of enhancing longevity, was born in India. The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term combining the words ‘Ayur’ meaning life and ‘Veda’ meaning to invigorate the physiology’s inner intelligence. In a religious sense Ayurveda can be translated as ‘knowledge of life’ or ‘mother of healing.’ It laid the foundation not just Indian but also for early Tibetan, Chinese and Greek medicine. Today, the traditional techniques and remedies are being accepted and studied as a part of medical science. Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka, like in many other Asian countries, is being widely practised in spas and salons.

To get an introduction to the ancient science, pay a visit to South Asia. Many hotel spas in Sri Lanka incorporate herbal oils and traditional techniques into the treatments they have available. A few exclusive properties like Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions promote wellness with a holistic experience. The hotel offers packages that include seminars, retreats and programmes with expert doctors and therapists.

An Ayurvedic lifestyle revolves around ‘Prakriti’, your basic constitution, which is thought to be the ‘Primal Motive Force’. This energy or ‘Dosha’ corresponds to your body type. There are three Doshas: Vata, which means air, Pitta meaning fire and Kapha translates as earth. The science is based on several philosophies: a focus on energy, its impact on the universe and all its phenomena; treatment that addresses a root cause rather than a symptom, it requires looking beyond what meets the eye; a diet to balance energies of the body; curing without negative effects, healing is incomplete if side-effects are a result; the concept that each individual is unique and therefore requires a different balance to maintain good health; and lastly finding balance between the energy of each being and the energies of the universe.

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