Being a woman, a working woman in particular, is no simple feat and women constantly strive to strike a delicate balance between their personal and professional lives. Often, the stresses of women are great given the responsibilities they shoulder both at work and at home. As a result, women frequently pay minimal attention to their health and well-being, choosing instead to focus on efficiency and efficacy at work and maintain familial relationships at home. Given these circumstances, women constantly face a myriad of illness and diseases ranging from osteoporosis, migraines and anaemia to anxiety and depression as they attempt to juggle and achieve the perfect work-life balance.

An important facet of such a balance is one that is often overlooked: the incorporation of small, everyday habits that can boost the health as well as enrich the lives of women and those around them. While ayurvedic treatment Sri Lanka is often sought out, particularly by working women, to distress, rejuvenate and revitalise their bodies and minds in spas such as Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilions, there are a number of tips that help develop little habits which contribute to the health and well-being of women.

Amongst these is the importance of exercise, which can never be over-stated and whether it is a daily run, a power walk or a session of yoga, exercise releases serotonin and positive endorphins that can uplift one’s mood while keeping tone. A healthy diet is also an integral component of healthy live and should include fresh fruit, green vegetables, and a considerable amount of water, especially given the increasing temperature. A focus on obtaining as much calcium as possible is beneficial in maintaining strong bones and keeping osteoporosis at bay. While vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates are essential to provide energy as well as build a strong immune system, devoting time to pursue hobbies and getting regular medical checkups are absolutely essential to maintaining physical and mental health in continuing an enriched life.

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