You find everything you need while shopping in Brisbane. This is why shopping is considered a joyful adventure in this city, and you’ll need a lot of energy to cover its 700+ stores with diversified offerings.

Head to the Winter Garden

If you have decided to enjoy a shopping spree while you holiday at one of the hotels in Bowen Hills the likes of Oaks Brisbane Mews Suites, there’s no other greater option than heading to Queens Street Mall, inside which you find the Winter Garden. Explore all the 60 specialty shops it has if time permits.

Don’t miss the Brunswick Shopping Mall

Located in Elizabeth Street, this mall is one of the most conveniently located shopping options in the city. Your shopping experience here is sure to be relaxing, and you may enjoy a quick bite to eat at once of the small shops if you feel hungry while you shop.

Let the girls explore the Queens Plaza

Image by Epicgenius via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Just as its name suggests – Queens Plaza is for the queens! If you are a lady with a long list of items to buy, just head to this mall and be delighted with the options that are in store for you.

Enjoy the Barracks Shopping Centre

One of the most crowded places in Brisbane, but don’t skip this shopping attraction because of this. Go to the Barracks Shopping Centre early in the morning before the crowd gets in, and enjoy a happy shopping session.