Spas come in many different appearances with many different techniques, but nothing can appear more unusual or fun than having a spa treatment at a fish spa in Bangkok. Unusual as it sounds, dipping your feet in a pool of 125-150 baht for 15 minutes or longer is becoming one of the most popular ways to get rid of pesky dry skin off your feet. These little nibblers pick at the dry skin leaving you with smooth perfectly soft feet. Worry not, they are not flesh eating piranhas, the nibs are playfully gentle and tad bit ticklish and definitely a lot more fun than having a quick pumice.
This Fish Spa treatment also comes as a high recommendation for those who are suffering from skin deceases like psoriasis or eczema. Come and enjoy this tingly unusual experience at one of the fish spa facilities that is closest to the Bangkok luxury hotel you are accommodating at. The extremely helpful staff at Metropolitan Bangkok, an exceptional luxury Bangkok hotel, will point out the nearest and best spa facilities that allow you to experience this unique treatment.