The island of Hong Kong in South East Asia has witnessed immense development within a short period of time due to its international importance as a financial centre. Due to this rapid development, the island is now dotted with towering skyscrapers and is equipped with a highly developed road network as well. While many visitors to Hong Kong often visit for business purposes, the island is slowly developing a promising reputation as a destination for travellers as well. As some of the most iconic tourist attractions include Ocean Park Hong Kong, Tian Tan Buddha, Victoria Peak, Lantau Island and Hong Kong Disneyland, the well developed transport system facilitates travel in the island immensely, making visiting Hong Kong a true pleasure. In order to cater to this increasing demand, a wide variety of accommodation is now available, from luxury accommodation such as Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong to other options such as serviced apartments and studios for the traveller who wishes to experience the ‘true’ spirit of the city by avoiding residing in a Hong Kong Hotel.
When exploring the city of Hong Kong, one thing that travellers and explorers need not worry about is getting from one place to another for the public transport network i.e. the bus, ferry, trams, and subway, are well organised and frequent, making it convenient to travel. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is the fact that exact change is essential to buy the tickets that allow one to board the trams and buses.
The cost of transport is also relatively affordable and for travellers who plan on staying in the city for an extended period of time, purchasing The Octopus Card makes transport even more convenient. Furthermore, there are a number of transportation pass options for tourists as well. Therefore, one only needs to select the correct pass, and you can be on your way.