A customized journey means that there are a plethora of choices you can make, but none may be more important than choosing the accommodation you want to be at during your stay.

Image credit- Unsplash,Isaac Martin,CC0

For Solo Backpackers

As an individual who is extremely keen on exploring the great outdoors to their heart’s content and may therefore need a place where expenses are optimized to have a good bang for buck experience!
As serviced residences tend to be more affordable than hotels, some Discover ASR properties may be ideal to explore. They’ve also got special accommodation offers for direct bookings.

Nature Lovers

While nature lovers and solo backpackers may have a lot in common, they tend to always prefer being away from the city side and instead prefer being amongst the plant and trees as much as possible.

What about culture vultures?

This group of people enjoy being as close to historical sites or architectural marvels so that they can really bask in their glory.

The Wellness enthusiasts

These folk would really just enjoy being able to get in touch with themselves again, with some spiritual realignment and connect!