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Reflections At Bukit Chandu 

Reflections at Bukit Chandu is an information centre focusing on the Second World War. It is located in Bukit Chandu (also known as Opium Hill) in Singapore. Bukit Chandu was the site of the Battle of Bukit Chandu, one of the fiercest clashes to take…


Samui Nature Trails 

Thailand is situated in Southeast Asia, bordering Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Known for its exotic food, excellent beaches and rich culture, Thailand is a tourist favourite. Travellers who want to enjoy the best beaches that Thailand has to offer usually head over to Phuket….


Mandai Orchid Gardens: A Floral Enchantment 

Orchids, with its beautiful yet delicate design, have played an important role throughout history. For the Greeks, orchids were symbolic of virility and fertility while the Aztecs considered these magnificent flowers to be symbolic of power and strength. During the Victorian era, adorning one’s home…


Thai Massages in Koh Phangan 

To go to Thailand and not experience the country’s most harped about Thai massages would be a shame. So, to flex those muscles the traditional way and to escape in to a soothing feeling while in this magical country plan to have a Thai Massage…


Manila Contemporary Galleries 

While Manila is steeped in history, the Philippine capital is also very much a modern metropolis and art lovers have many contemporary art galleries that they can visit in order to view and purchase some truly avant-garde works. Before embarking on your gallery tour make…


Luxury Cruises from/ to Singapore 

Singapore; a land that boasts many wonders; it is the picture perfect holiday destination regardless of who you are travelling with. Whether you are looking for that romantic getaway or that fun filled adventure time with the family, Singapore has it all. There is one…


Shanghai Art Museum 

Shanghai is a city with a host of attractions. You can easily find accommodation Shanghai and Ascott Huai Hai Road Shanghai is one of the best options available for the visitors to the city. This star class network offers luxury serviced apartments Shanghai for long…


Prestige Cruises on Manila Bay 

One of the best ways to enjoy a sightseeing tour of the Philippines capital is to embark on Prestige Cruises on Manila Bay which provide idyllic views of the city. Staying at a hotel in Manila within easy reach of the bay provides convenient access…


History of Art in Sri Lanka 

The pivotal position of Sri Lanka in the ancient Silk Road has exposed this little pearl of an island to various cultures, thereby influencing, shaping and reshaping its interiors, allowing it to develop its very own uniqueness which has fascinated many since the ancient times….