With its unique indigenous medical treatments named ‘Ayurvedha’ Sri Lanka has been able to either perform a curative or preventive purpose in the lives of many. Ayurvedha dates back to the times of the Kings and is today one of the oldest healing systems to have been developed. The healing technique which is a much sought after mechanism of healing today was originally developed in India over a 1,000 years ago. With this old age healing system in place most tourists visiting Sri Lanka are eager to experience rejuvenating treatments promised by this healing technique firsthand. The Southern Coast of the country is quite popular for the abundance of hotels & resorts offering such therapies as a part of their spa menu. All those ardent holiday makers travelling down south and looking for Mirissa hotels can treat themselves to exclusive Ayurvedha therapies from resorts like the ¬Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa that offers a wide range of customized treatments.

Ayurvedha uses primitive yet effective methods of healing which constitutes only natural ingredients like the use of traditional oils & balms made out of medicinal plants. Though mostly these oils and balms are not all that pleasing it certainly does good to those in need of treatment. Even today, many rely on the healing power of Ayurvedic treatments and are mostly observed opting for such therapies when western medicine does little help. However, Ayurvedha in Sri Lanka has for the past centuries being reputed as one of the most effective and natural techniques of healing which either have very less or zero side effects.