Sail Away! 

Although it affords the best view of Manhattan and its borders, the Ventura is a New York City attraction that very few travellers know about. Specially crafted for George Baker, the founder of Citibank, this beautiful sailboat, the Ventura, is made with solid mahogany, Indian…


4×4 Dubai Desert Safari 

Excitement galore, this fun-filled, thrilling adventure is one of Dubai’s most unique experiences. Make your waves on those high desert sand dunes, revving your way to stunning sunsets. Walk into luxurious comfort and the warmth of personalized service at selected Dubai hotels after a long…



Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai) stands as the tallest structure in the world, towering at over 2,700 feet high. Its construction began in September 2004 and its exterior structure was completed in October 2009. Experience the greatest of the sleek skyscrapers at this mesmerizing city while…


Burj Dubai Khalifa Fountain Dubai 

Revealing elegant beauty and sensational waterworks, illuminated by over 6,000 lights and 50 coloured projectors, the Burj Dubai Khalifa Fountains shoot water over 400 feets high to the soft soothing melodies of classical tunes and contemporary Arabic rhythms. Ideal entertainment and thrill to be enjoyed…


Dubai Beaches 

Dubai beaches are the most exotic of its kind and is one of the main tourist attractions that allures visitors to this buzzing city. It sensational sandy white stretches of awe-stunning beaches are among the world’s most popular for a romantic walk before a soothing…


A succulent delicacy 

A succulent delicacy and a more delightful experience! Sample the taste of The Alba Truffle. Your elite journey not only requires the tastes and aroma of exclusive cuisine but also deserves the perfect hospitality and a luxury stay. Ideal for your luxury travel needs, pleasantly…