As you go country hopping on a holiday to the warm tropics of South Asia, never ever miss out a chance to indulge in a bit of underwater adventuring in the clear blue seas off Maldives. You will come to find that unlike the other lands of the region, the beaches and shallow seas around the atolls of Maldives are exceptionally clear and warm, with a sandy seabed that gradually gives way to living coral reefs, creating ideal conditions for many an underwater recreation.

One of the activities that is very easy try and out and get good at is snorkelling in the shallow lagoons. Even if you haven’t done it before, when you get the hang of it snorkelling becomes quite easy and fun in no time. The atolls have many shallow lagoons that do not go more than few feet deep for quite a way from the shore, so those conditions are just a godsend if you are thinking of getting the snorkel out of the bag. Of course, with the rich reef life around you, the better and more adventurous option is scuba diving; you can experience the colourful and active marine life of the reefs and enjoy a swim with the fishes, accompanied by an instructor if you’re a newbie. Many resorts rent out gear, so the only thing that needs to fall in place is you, into the scuba gear. And of course there are the water rockets ready and waiting for any speed freaks who’d like to race with the marlins; so to speak. For those who prefer not to get soaked in the saltwater, there is always the Whale Submarine of Maldives; the world’s biggest deep diving passenger submarine, waiting to take you deep into the blue.

Another interesting activity you can try out when you’re adventuring in Maldivian seas is underwater photography. Most professional underwater photographers all over the world find Maldives to be a preferred location, as the generally clear weather and the great visibility of the seawater provide for some very good shots. Following their lead, you can also try out the power of the artistic eye with some underwater photos of your own while in Maldives. Starter level equipment and even some good tips and how-to’s you can get at most seaside resorts, so just start clicking whenever you feel like.

You can enjoy all this and more at almost any Maldives island resort or one of the many seaside Maldives bungalows of your choice, such as the Anantara Veli, Maldives. Just be sure to spend enough time in the Maldives, and enjoy some of the best underwater adventuring you will ever find anywhere in the world.