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Dhow Cruise – Journey to Paradise

The Arabic term for a sail boat is ‘dhow’ and the vessel has evolved considerably over the years before achieving its current form as a fully fledged yacht that offers all the comforts and luxuries of a small cruise liner. From its humble beginnings as a tiny craft with a large sail and lean hull the dhow has grown by leaps and bounds to a wide bodied, spacious vessel that transports hundreds of passengers in one go.

Dhow cruises are very much in vogue along the coastal belt of Oman; the Dibba Musandam Port is where the liners anchor for people to embark. Then it sets sail into the ocean either for a day cruise or an overnight tour of the water. The therapeutic powers of water, the gentle lull of the ship’s hull and the constant crash of the sea waves will relax agitated nerves, soothe souls and form the backdrop for some unforgettable memories.

The double decked dhow offers plenty of space to sprawl and enjoy the view while sipping a cup of traditional Arabic tea or fresh fruit juice. The fishing village and civilization are left far behind as the dhow voyages seaward and the dhow finally docks at a picturesque location where you can fish, snorkel and dig into a delicious buffet lunch. The equipment can be hired from the agent itself or sometimes it may be complementary with the dhow ride.

Rest your arms on the sturdy rails of the dhow and use a pair of binoculars to see far into the ocean and watch how fishermen find their catch, how aquatic birds fly in every now and then in search of their prey and observe the movements of the sun. The scenery coupled with the rejuvenating winds of the ocean keep all aboard merry and tranquil.

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