Unforgettable Diving in Maldives – Discoveries in the Deep

The waters that surround the Maldives hold a secret you may not see from above; delve below the waves and you will find whole new worlds full of vibrant colour and fascinating marine species. Diving in Maldives is certainly not to be missed!

The Proper Certification

Before setting off on a diving expedition you need to make sure you have the proper certification. Most of the best resorts in Maldives for diving provide the training required for PADI Open Water certification that is required for such underwater adventures.

Diving Hotspots

There is no shortage of dive sites here, each offering something different to discover. The Kuda Giri shipwreck, a five minute boat ride from Naladhu Private Island Maldives is one such site, while Okobe Thila, Banana Reef, Maaya Thila, Miyaru Kandu and Broken Rock are also popular.

Diverse Marine Life

There is much to see when on a diving excursion; brain, staghorn, tree, branching and mushroom corals are amongst the coral species one can see. The sheer number of marine species is mind-boggling with trumpetfish, Napoleon wrasse, red snapper, bluefin trevally, moray eel, manta ray and whale shark just a few of the species one may come across.

Best Times for Diving

Pretty much the whole year is good for diving, though January to May features very clear waters. On the other hand, from June to November there is more plankton in areas like the Baa Atoll which in turn attracts larger species including manta rays.

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Snorkelling and Bush Walking on Koh Talu – Fun times galore!

Koh Talu, also called Talu Island, attracts visitors from around the earth and from the cities of Thailand as well. Want to know more about Koh Talu and why people love visiting the place?

1) Snorkelling

Aside from its fresh natural air and beautiful coconut trees, Koh Talu is an amazing spot for snorkelling. This privately-owned island which is shaped like a giant whale is home to beautiful coral and various schools of colourful fish.

2) Bushwalking

The island is also an excellent place for hiking or bushwalking. Here, with the help of some professional guides, you can really discover how in tune the island is with nature. Discover the beautiful white sand beaches and even hunt for crabs that you can cook up for dinner.

3) Diving

With Koh Talu having the most complete fringing reef that you can find in the Gulf of Thailand, this makes an excellent spot for diving. Some points can be accessed by simply walking from the beach itself. If you’re looking for a hotel in Hua Hin to stay at while you check out Koh Talu, there’s plenty to select from, such as the Anantara Hua Hin Resort for instance.

4) More

The list of activities doesn’t stop there, Koh Talu also boasts other activities like kayaking and sailing as well. Whether you want to hop on a yacht driven by wind and sails or you want to grab some oars to discover the seascape, there’s always something to do here.

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Hoi An – An ancient yet magnificent city!

Witness a city with ancient buildings, intricate architecture, stunning scenery and a hospitable community. Visit the city of Hoi An during your time at Vietnam and be amazed by its liveliness and cultural vibes.


Located in the Vietnam’s Quảng Nam Province with a population of approximately 120 000 people, the city of Hoi An has a great historical significance. It is home to a number of building and structures that are a well preserved example for a South East Asian trading port which is almost 500 years old.

A Heritage site

Due to its historical importance and the attractions it houses, the city was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Hoi An as a tourist destination

Since it was recognised as a world heritage site, it has now become a popular tourist destination. The region today has a bustling city scene as both tourists and locals alike visit the region. Number of food stalls and souvenir shops are also scattered throughout the city. There are also 4 museums in the city if you wish to have a glimpse of how the city thrived in the past as a trading port.

File:Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture.JPG

User: (WT-shared) Shoestring at wts wikivoyage, Hoi An Museum of Folk Culture, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Accommodation options

There is a plethora of accommodation options surrounding the city if you wish to stay and unwind at a cosy setting you could opt to stay at a luxury Hoi An hotel property the likes of Anantara Hoi An Resort which will be a unique experience. There are also other options within the city if you are travelling on a small budget.

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Chiang Mai – A city full of surprises!

From shopping to misty mountains to hill tribes, Chiang Mai is a popular playground for travellers. If this is your first time, Chiang Mai has a diversified set of things to offer you and will give you the best experience you’ve had in an Asian country. Night markets, comfortable hotel rooms, historical sites are a few that await you in the city.

Places of interest

Chiang Mai is considered a historical city due to its many historical sites including Wat Lai Kroh. In addition, there are museums, gardens, spas and ancient temples that make Chiang Mai one of the most visited capitals.


If you want to buy things at low prices and strike the best bargain possible, you are going to find Chiang Mai to be a haven of night markets, boutique shops and malls.


Chiang Mai is a large city with thousands of people shuffling in due to its popularity. If you are worried about finding a place that best suits you, don’t worry, there is a wide range of hotels and Chiang Mai Residences for you to choose from. With places such as Anantara Chiang Mai Serviced Suites and budget hotels, Chiang Mai offers its visitors not only attractions but also a comfortable stay.

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Wat Loi Kroh – A temple of great historical significance!

You can find the temple on Loi Kroh Road 65 – a few yards away from the night bazaar – in the midst of the buzzing tourist scene.

The most interesting feature

The history of the temple is the most alluring aspect. The temple was built in 1456 – which makes it about 500 years old – during the reign of the 6th king: King Kue Na of the Mengrai Dynasty.

The period of reconstruction

After liberating Chiang Mai, Prince Kawila of Lampang started reconstructing everything that was in ruins after many years of suffering and struggle. While rebuilding his own city, the prince sent delegates to neighbouring cities to force people to come and live in Chiang Mai. This was his method of spreading his sovereignty all over the nation.

Things to do near the temple

As mentioned above, the temple is located in the midst all the attractions in Chiang Mai. While you are on your trip, you can explore the night bazaar, Boy Blues Bar, Ceremony of Candles and Sunday Walking Market.

Where can you stay?

Although the temple alone is not a significant tourist attraction, there are other attractions that draw hundreds into the city – so it should be pretty easy to find a Chiang Mai hotel as you have a variety of accommodation options the likes of Anantara Chiang Mai Resort and many others to choose from.

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A visit to Angkor, Siem Reap during Khmer New Year – The Cambodian way of celebrating the New Year!

Many tourists and expats tend to stay indoors and not travel during this period as the country becomes one big commotion of festivities. The prices usually go up, and the services are reduced and limited only to a few destinations.

A bit of history

Earlier, the New Year was celebrated between December and January, but now it has been moved up to April on par with the Hindu New Year.

The first day

The first day is meant for blessings and offerings entirely. The locals make offerings and receive blessings at the local temples.

The second day

The second day is more like a family day where they offer gifts to their family members.

The third day

On the last day, the locals visit the pagodas for blessings and offerings just like the first day.

Where can you stay in Angkor?

Don’t worry too much about finding a suitable place as the region is dotted with places like Anantara Angkor Resort and many other luxury hotels in Siem Reap which offer you excellent accommodation options.

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Enter the Gulf of Qatar – A land of wonders!

Qatar is considered to be a place where everybody would like to live. Its amazing landscapes, skyscrapers, luxury hotels in Doha and art contribute to the country being a major tourist hub.

Cultural Diversity

The country is home to many expats making it a culturally diversified community. If you have plans of living there one day, you can rest easy knowing that you needn’t go out of your way to make friends.

The role as a gateway

It’s pretty easy travelling from Doha to other countries. Within few hours, you can arrive at Colombo, Goa and Istanbul – what’s more, you can access Amman, Muscat and Beirut easily – the flight is very short, and if you are in Doha, that means you are within reach of many other cities.

Art Scene

Doha’s reputation depends upon many aspects including resorts like Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, and the art scene is one such aspect. The country is dotted with galleries and museums supported by the Qatar Museum Authority. At these galleries, you can enjoy Islamic art and works done by contemporary artists. If you are someone who loves art, you should find these places extremely educational.

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Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali – Get ready to be amazed!

The gallery boasts a collection of amazing artwork that serves as the background for three-dimensional photography.

Places near DMZ where you can stay

DMZ is a popular attraction, and there are other attractions surrounding it. Due to this reason, the place is flanked by hotels such as Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort. So, rest easy by knowing you can easily find a Bali resort hotel close by.

What can you expect to see?

There are 14 categories of artwork in total and 120 different masterpieces of art. A team of talented artists came up with the idea to produce these unique set of artworks. The illusionary effect you see is brought on by nothing other than paint and lighting.

The themes

There are two distinct themes that adorn the Luminescence and Renaissance pavilions. In the Renaissance Pavilion, you can see eccentric paintings such as Van Gogh with shaving foam and Mona Lisa with a fruit basket.

Virtual life experience

The paintings that are here are so lifelike; you will feel as though you are actually experiencing what’s painted. Haven’t ridden a boat before? You can come close to it by striking a pose as if you are really paddling.

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Dune Bashing in Desert – Feel the thrills!

An ocean of sands with waves of towering dunes is all that you see in the expansive Arabian Desert. The stunning landscape gives the best opportunity for outdoorsy people to indulge in the thrills of dune bashing! Read on to know more.

What is dune bashing?

Dune bashing is the term that is used to describe cruising over the dunes on an SUV, particularly in desert regions surrounding Abu Dhabi. Desert tour programmes in these regions have a variety of segments and dune bashing is one of the star attractions. During the ride, the skilled drivers manoeuvre the sports utility vehicle at dizzying speeds which allows you to feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

What can you expect?

Usually, if you had booked a desert tour you’d be picked up from your resort property and be taken to the site. The same vehicle will take you on a thrill ride once you have arrived at the dune site. There will be a lot of shouting and screaming while your driver pulls off amazing stunts on the 4×4.

Booking a deserts tour

You could find a number of desert tours by going through the web. But be sure to do some research before joining one. If you wish to avoid many hassles you could opt to stay at a resort property the likes of Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara which already has dune bashing in their leisure activity list.

Things to remember

Be sure to wear comfortable clothes – ones that help you to stay at ease as well as off from sand, wear a scarf and try to avoid shoes and wear sandals instead. Brings your camera with you if you are a photography enthusiast – the sceneries will be spectacular. Also, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during your time in the desert.

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Exploring Kalutara in Two Days – A Getaway in Paradise!

Kalutara, is a favourite spot with both locals and international visitors, as an idyllic getaway from the bustling city of Colombo. Here is the top must-visit attractions and things to do while here!

Enjoy Watersports

The calm waters of Kalutara are perfect to enjoy an array of watersports such as surfing, windsurfing and snorkelling among others. There are plenty of well-reputed watersports centres which one can approach to rent out equipment.

Eat Fresh Seafood

Love seafood? Then you have come to the right place. Foodies can dig into fresh seafood such as tiger prawns, crabs and lobsters which have been prepared in a myriad of ways. One has the endless options of choosing from either charming seaside cafés or premier restaurants at one of the many hotels in Kalutara including the likes of Anantara Kalutara Resort.

Visit Richmond Castle

Pay a visit to the iconic Richmond Castle, a grand mansion which was built by a wealthy landowner during colonial times to catch a glimpse of the area’s rich history. Do make some time to take in the many fruit groves that surround the manor as well!

Take in the Brief Gardens

Another key attraction in the area, the Brief Gardens by Bevis Bawa is a picturesque place to visit. Visitors can enjoy a picnic on terraced lawns and the many nooks and crannies these famous gardens come along with.

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