If you are an art enthusiast, a visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MAF) is a must. Home to more than 450,000 art pieces, this famous museum is one of the largest in America. Streams of visitors pour in each day to the Museum of Fine Arts to catch a glimpse of its comprehensive collection that goes back to historic times. Opened in 1870, the place offers an extensive range of things to view that range from Impressionist artwork to an ancient mummy.

The museum is filled with many interesting exhibitions, interactive displays and other unique features that are bound to leave you appreciative of the true nature of art. Apart from the art work on display, the museum also hosts special gallery talks, concerts, movies, family programs and artist lectures on a daily basis.

Amid the Museum’s popular collections are those of the Art of Asia, the Art of Europe, the Art of Americas, the Art of the Ancient World and Contemporary Art collections. The Art of Asia features art starting from 4000 BC and extensively covers about half the world’s population. It includes Japanese, Chinese and Indian artwork. The Art of Europe highlights a fine collection of art by famous artists like Van Gogh, Renoir, Rembrandt and Titian. The collection of Art from the Ancient World holds over 70,000 pieces that are highly interesting to view. You will be able to see artifacts such as mummies, gold work and sculptures retrieved from historic times from places like Egypt and Rome.

At the Musical Instrument section, instruments that range from its first innovation to those that are used today are on display. Even fashion lovers have something here that they will be interested in. The Museum of Fine Art’s Textiles Collection has over 27,000 items that include Middle Eastern throw rugs, European drapes, African cloth and haute couture designs. The Prints, Drawings and Photographs section is also worth a visit to gain a historic perspective into these categories.

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