Pearl River Cruise – An Unforgettable Way to Explore Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the largest and capital city of the Chinese province of Guangdong. Rapidly developing into one of China’s hubs in transport, industry and tourism, Guangzhou is a beautiful city with many amazing sights and attractions. Ranging from the marvelous Canton Tower to the historic and culturally amazing ‘Eight Sights of Guangzhou’, you can witness many amazing things in this city while staying in a luxury service apartment in Guangzhou such as those offered by Ascott IFC Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is also known for its amazing skyline and breathtaking cityscape, and one of the best ways to witness this is by embarking on a Pearl River Cruise. The Pearl River, flowing a distance of over 2214km, is the third largest river in China and flows through the city of Guangzhou. With much of the cities sights and attractions being closer to the banks of the river, many people say that a trip to Guangzhou is incomplete without cruising down the Pearl River.

The Pearl River flows through the centre of the city, giving people going on cruises amazing views of Guangzhou’s amazing skyline and beautiful landscapes. You can easily embark on a cruise at one of the bridges or wharfs along the river, such as Tianzi Wharf and Xidi Wharf, as cruises along the Pearl River are immensely popular amongst locals and tourists. As you sail through the waters of the Pearl River you will have the opportunity of getting stunning views of some of Guangzhou’s most famous landmarks. These landmarks include the 600m tall Canton Tower, the exotic and artist Ersha Island, the architecturally stunning Tower Shadow Building, the magical White Swan Pond and the luscious and cultural Haizhu Square. The only thing better than a Pearl River cruise is a Pearl River cruise at night, as the night time cruise allows you to witness the Guangzhou skyline all lit up in all its glamour.

There is no doubt that this cruise is one of the most exciting, memorable and romantic thing to do in Guangzhou, so make sure you go on a cruise on the Pearl River.

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