The amazing benefits of going to a gym – Sweating makes you smarter and happier

Going to the gym doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t know what you are doing. Exercising should be based on personal goals. Ask yourself why you are asking this question to begin with…do you want to be healthier? Do you want to be stronger? Or maybe you just want to look better?

Gym| Img by: janeb13 via Pixabay

A lot of people think exercise is important purely for the purpose of losing weight. There are, however, so many other reasons why we should all incorporate routine exercise into our daily or weekly schedules. Even if you are on vacation in a place like Mandarina Colombo, which is a popular Colombo city hotel in Sri Lanka, you can take advantage of the in-house gym and hustle for that muscle.

Feeling blue? Start working out!
One of most unexpected benefits of exercise is the improvement in self-image and ultimately, therefore, our self-confidence. Working out regularly helps keep our body fit and toned, and releases endorphins into our system, which helps combat depression and makes us happy.

In addition to keeping you fit, healthy and happy, exercise, quite unexpectedly, also boosts your mental prowess. Studies have proven that cardiovascular workouts help create new brain cells – and we could all surely use more of those!

Other benefits
Exercising not only helps one to maintain an attractive physique it boosts the blood floor and exerts muscles which help to maintain the internal health of organs and to reduce blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and other harmful conditions. Exercising also helps to develop self-discipline and control.




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Glimpse of Colombo City -Metropolis of Sri Lanka

Colombo City

Colombo City | Img. Credit: [Budhika Jayawardana Photography©]

Colombo is a fascinating city to explore. It’s a marvellous blend of Colonial buildings, historic parks, exciting museums and a bustling atmosphere offering loads of character to the tropical environs.


Temples Mosques and Kovils


Beautiful Landmark in Colombo, Sri Lanka_Buddhist Temple | Img. By Lkzombie (Own work), CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Colombo is home to a multi-ethnic community; hence you will come across a number of iconic and historical buildings dedicated to the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Islamic faiths. Kovils are the worship centres for Hindus


Night Spots in Colombo

Colombo Skyline

Colombo Skyline | Img. By Ocsi143 (Own work), CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Colombo offers a selection of clubs, pubs, lounges, bars and casinos spread throughout the city with a concentration in the Fort area and down Galle Road and Duplication Road. Exciting new venues appear to be changing the city’s night time scene.


Fine Dining

Dining at Mandarina Colombo

Dining at Mandarina Colombo | Img. Credit: [Mandarina Colombo]

Colombo is a haven for those who love fine dining. If great ambience, world-class service and amazing spreads tickle your senses, Colombo is a treat for you. There is a plethora of hotel restaurants in Colombo spread out over the city such as the On the Eleventh by Mandarina Colombo.




Sunset at Galle Face Colombo | Img. By Mayooresan (Own work), CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The beach is a predominant sight along the coastal roads of Colombo. But the most famous and best place to chill out at is the Mount Lavinia Beach. This suburb is located about 20 minutes from the city centre and is a prelude to the allures of down south Sri Lanka.


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