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Seated on waters off the east coast of Thailand, Koh Samui is an island that is only smaller than Phuket. With a population of only 50,000 it is a perfect holiday getaway but being a popular one it attracts as many as 1.5million tourists per year.

The island was inhabited since the 15th century and the origin of the island’s name is shrouded in mystery. While some believe that it takes its name from ‘Saboey’ meaning ‘safe heaven’ in Malay others differ and hold on to the fact that the name is derived from the word ‘mui’; one of the native trees found in the island. The word ‘Ko’ however according to all comes from the Thai word for island.


From buffalo fighting festival to sailing tournaments, entertainment at Koh Samui is endless. Like the rest of Thailand, shopping options are also endless and the many walking streets or road side vendour fairs are favourites among both tourists and locals. Walking Street Lamai, Fisherman’s Village Walking Street and Meanam Walking Street are few that you could visit.

Koh Samui also offers plenty of adventure sports for thrill seekers. Be it go karting, mountain biking, zorbing or shooting, there is plenty of choice. Go Karting is mainly available in Bophut. Fun, Pro and Sport are the three alternatives available for your picking. Mainly for those serious about Go Karting, Sport karts can reach up to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour and these gasoline powered machines offer drivers a challenging experience.


When it comes to accommodation, the choice available is as unlimited as the entertainment options. Samui resort are fairly decently priced and have good services. Anantara Bophut Koh Samui is located in Bophut as well and warmly welcomes you atop white sandy shores. The resort & spa in Samui has beautiful architecture and is an ideal place to spend your vacation. Close to the many historical as well as recreational attractions allows you to spend less time travelling and more on enjoying that well deserved holiday. With a wide variety of cuisine and luxurious rooms, you are assured of a memorable retreat at his Samui hotel.


Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.