The exciting Mussanah Race Week is an enthralling event for participants and spectators alike. The event holds the distinction of being the Sultanate of Oman’s first yearly international standard dinghy regatta.

The event is differentiated from the innumerable dinghy races conducted across the globe as it is the only such competition to offer coaching programmes for all contestants. Held prior to the staging of the actual regatta, these sessions are conducted with the participation of a line-up of distinguished and highly skilled sailors from across the globe who have competition experience at the highest standards in the sport of sailing. Coaching fees are included in the entry fee and there is no additional expense for the contestants. The intention is to promote the sport of sailing in the Sultanate, and draw the interest of enthusiastic amateur sailors.

Typically the weather and water conditions in the environs are ideal for sailing when the event is held, in March or April. Temperatures are warm and pleasant, the blue skies over the sapphire waters providing a delightful backdrop for the competition. Moderate wind conditions and flat seas create a perfect environment for the event.

Conducted as in the previous year by Oman Sail, the 2012 edition of the competition drew an even greater number of contestants, with no less than 165 competitors representing nine nations having entered the fray. With 145 boats in eight classes, the number of participants underscored the appeal and popularity of the event.

The panel of professional sailors who provided their expertise to coach the amateur sailors included such well known names as Leigh McMillan, Will Howden, Nick Thompson and Coen de Koning.

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