Abu Dhabi is a miracle of modern engineering, sprouting from the desert like a sky high oasis of concrete and glass. However, it also has a surprising amount of greenery, and first time visitors will marvel at the number of parks and gardens present here. The city is not as westernised as Dubai and still clings true to its heritage, thus making it the ideal destination for foreigners hoping to learn more about Arab traditions and culture. Visitors can not only experience authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, but also visit cultural and historical sites that will give them a deeper understanding of the region.

One thing visitors might like to try out is shooting a few rounds at the Caracal Shooting Club. Marksmanship and the shooting sports have a long history in the Middle East. The skill was highly valued for hunting during ancient times, and is now making a comeback. The Caracal Shooting Club was the first commercial shooting range to open in Abu Dhabi. Gun enthusiasts will note that the club is named after the Caracal pistol, which is manufactured in the UAE. The facilities are open to visitors aged twelve and above, and everything is conducted in a highly safe environment.

The shooting club is located at a purpose built section of the Armed Forces Officers Club. It is a state of the art facility containing a twenty five metre shooting range and a ten metre simulation range. The simulation range utilises a two screen laser shot virtual system and can accommodate up to four people at a time. Complimentary shooting lessons are provided to first time users.

While not as popular as Dubai, Abu Dhabi is quickly earning a reputation as a top tourist destination. One reason for this is the emirate’s excellent infrastructure. The roads are excellent, public transport is abundant, and accommodation is also easy to find. Tourists looking for a hotel Abu Dhabi UAE can try the Grand Millennium Al Wahda. The opulent Abu Dhabi hotel is located in the heart of the city and is adjacent to the popular Al Wahda Mall, the city’s premier shopping centre.