If you are looking for a place in Los Angeles to replenish and rejuvenate your soul with a lavishing spa or a body treatment the best place you should head to is Beverly Hot Springs Spa. It is the only purely 100% Natural Hot Spring Spa that you would find in Los Angeles and could be easily reached from downtown and Beverly Hills. Hot Springs Spa was originally found accidently by an unknown person and rediscovered again in the year 1931.Years back the water of this spring was sold for drinking purposes at 10 cents a gallon. After many years the area has improved to a lovely public facility which boasts a natural privilege enjoyed by many people for relaxing.

The gentle waters of the only innate mineral thermal spa jets out replenishing water from an artesian well which goes down 2200 feet underneath soil. The water from the hot spring is made perfect with geothermal heat, radium, sulfur, alkaline, sodium and sodium chloride to give the best effects of a spa with healing powers and reviving effects. Many doctors worldwide prescribe hot spring spas for many medical conditions where utilizing mineral waters would help in control or stabilizing the body conditions. Hot Springs Water in Beverly Hills is believed to stimulate the body circulation, combat fatigue, lessen skin disease, arthritis, neuralgia, high blood pressure and also relax muscles. Women are mostly interested in Hot Springs Spas because it is believed that it gives a healthier and silkier skin.
Bamboo Stick Massage at the spa is a very modern technique of massage using bamboo sticks which is said to help in calming the body and giving the client an exotic feeling. Beverly Hot Springs Spa is a place where anyone could go and have an absolutely exotic, rejuvenating treat with the sizzling waters of the spring. People living in the vicinity of Beverly Hills or is visiting Los Angeles should definitely try out this grand pleasure. A hotel in Beverly Hills is sure to give you a nice vacation. The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a place that many travelers choose as their accommodation as it has long been a premier Beverly Hills hotel.