Negombo, a coastal town situated at the mouth of the Negombo lagoon, is located a few miles from the country’s international airport. The town contains a small port, but its main revenue generating activities are tourism, the age-old fishing industry and production of ceramics, cinnamon and brass articles.

Ayurveda, the traditional system of indigenous medicine has been practiced in Sri Lanka for many centuries. It is thought to be mainly derived from the North Indian Ayurveda, the South Indian Siddha, Arabian Unani and most significantly the Desheeya Chikitsa, the indigenous medical practice of Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan Ayurvedic system is based on a 3,000 year old tradition passed down from generation to generation. The ancient Sinhalese kings also considered themselves to be physicians, which demonstrates the high esteem in which the medical profession was held. The kings took pride in sustaining and developing the Ayurvedic tradition. One of the most prominent of the physician-monarchs, King Buddhadasa wrote an extensive treatise on the subject which is still consulted by Sri Lankan physicians today.

Ayurveda has been subdivided into 3 main areas, namely Nara Ayurveda which is concerned with human life and afflictions, Satva Ayurveda which deals with animal life and diseases, and Vriksha Ayurveda which is concerned with plant life. A deep knowledge of Ayurveda confirms the fact that it is not only treatment of illnesses but also a comprehensive way of living for optimum physical health as well as a foundation for spiritual accomplishments.

Written documentation shows that organized medical facilities have been in existence in the country for many centuries, which perhaps may give Sri Lanka the honour of having the world’s first hospitals. Many consider ruins at the Mihintale mountain to be the remains of the first genuine hospital in the world. Many of the ancient hospital sites now draw many tourists, who are enchanted by the picturesque remains of the buildings.

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