Dubai Shopping Festival 

 A haven for shopoholics, full of fun family activities and a world of fantasy for the kids, the Dubai Shopping Festival definitely makes an all encompassing experience for young and old alike. An annual event, this month long extravaganza offers you some of the best…


Falconry in Abu Dhabi 

Falconry, also known as the sport of Sheikhs, was originally used by the Bedouins. Enjoying an exalted and long history in Abu Dhabi, the sport is popular among locals, the ruling class in particular.  Those who visit the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital get to experience…


Grand Prix Museum 

Macau has a number of attractions for the tourist and amongst them the Grand Prix Museum is regarded as one of the key attractions in the region. The premises has a wide variety of Grand Prix related items including photographs, articles, video clips, cups, a…