The Malacañang Palace – Lost in its time

Originally a summerhouse situated along the river of Don Luis Rocha in San Miguel, this architectural masterpiece was purchased by the Philippines Government and serves as the official residence and the principal workplace of the President of Philippines. The purchase was made in 1825, however only occupied as the President’s house in 1863 when an earthquake destroyed the Governor’s palace in Manila. William Howard was the first American Governor to reside in the house.

There were many times in the past when the palace made news in Philippines history. Local rebels seized the palace several times and in 1989 the majestic building was bombed by North American T-28 Trojan aircrafts. Despite its magnificence and beauty the palace has been refurbished and expanded many times in the past. There have been several elegant additions to the premise such as the Ricer Façade.

The year 1935 saw further improvements to the palace premises during Manuel Al Quezon’s time as the President. This included the constriction of the social hall, as a place for dining and dancing and non-official social affairs. The palace has two types of rooms, which are state rooms and historic rooms. The famous Ricer Façade was also an inclusion during this expansion. A very important inclusion was the palace chapel. This beautiful piece of architecture is among the few official buildings that survived the brutal Second World War. The palace has valuable memorabilia and a photo collection relating to the history of the country.

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