Sunset Cruise in Maldives – Prepared to be mesmerised as the Departing Sun sets the Sky on Fire

When vacationing in idyllic luxury resorts in Maldives, one’s holiday can be as enchanting and mesmerising, relaxing and rejuvenating and as exciting and exhilarating as they wish. For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, sunbathing by the pristine beach and indulging in world class spa treatments at hotels such as the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa are essential distractions whereas excitement and exhilaration awaits guests willing to try their hand at the multitude of water sports Maldives offers. From kayaking, surfing and snorkelling to night fishing, diving with the Manta Rays and swimming with the sharks, the Maldivian islands have it all!

For those seeking to be enchanted by the natural beauty and charm of Maldives, tourists can choose from a range of options. A day excursion to one of the many uninhabited islands will provide tourists with the excellent opportunity to take in the natural beauty of the country at their own pace. Another interesting option is a night cruise where tourists will find themselves caught between the cosmos: the bright blanket of stars above and the glimmering and glowing plankton in the waters below mimicking the ever glowing heavens.

Similarly exciting experiences await those who opt for a sunset cruise along the Indian Ocean waters. Tourists can choose to take a cruise on a dhoni, a Maldivian boat made for the purposes of fishing and experience the wonderfully colourful and mesmerising sunsets this country has become well known for. During a sunset cruise, the lucky few may be able to observe one of the world’s friendliest mammals, the adorable dolphin making its way across the Ocean waters while the departing sun sets the sky on fire in an array of hues and shades. A sunset cruise is an excellent way to witness the natural beauty of Maldives and welcome nightfall in a unique way.

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Sunset Cruise Maldives – Enjoy a Colourful Evening Spectacle with a First Class View

For those fleeing from the frost bitten winters in various parts of the world, the constantly sunny and inviting shores of Maldives is a godsend. The Maldivian islands have been ranked alongside the secluded yet beautiful islands of Seychelles, Bali, fondly known as one of the best islands in the world, and Hawaii, one of the states belonging to the United States of America, as one of the best destinations for a tropical, sun kissed vacation. Encapsulating idyllic ideas of relaxing beaches, seclusion and snoozing whilst surrounded by the glorious beauty of the sea, the cluster of islands in the heart of Indian Ocean never fail to deliver.

When residing in resorts Maldives, guests will be faced with an abundance of choice in terms of water sports, beachside activities and leisure. Resorts such as Niyama Maldives provide their patrons with engaging in a variety of water sports, hiring a ‘dhoni’ which is a traditional Maldivian boat made of wood as well as mainstream distractions and leisure choices such as Xbox and PS3. Therefore, when in Maldives, it is truly up to you to make what you wish of your holiday in paradise.

A particularly suitable excursion for couples on their honeymoon is the sunset cruise. While certain resorts offer such cruise packages, guests can also opt consult the services of a local tour operator. Such sunset cruises generally begin well before sunset and journey towards the horizon in order to offer their guests the best possible view of the sunset. Guests can then view a spectacular tropical sunset while enjoying some wine or some champagne and relaxing as the sky darkens with each passing minute heralding the night. However, as such cruises tend to be quite popular amongst tourists, it is best to arrange a cruise well in advance to avoid disappoint for a sunset cruise in the Maldives is truly an experience that is scarcely forgotten.

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Sunset Cruise – Romantic Escapades at Sea

If you’re looking for something truly special to share with that special someone when holidaying in the Maldives, definitely think of going on a sunset cruise. It is one of the best activities to do in Maldives for couples and is offered at resorts such as Kandolhu Island.

While some sunset cruises take place on modern vessels, others feature traditional boats known as dhonis which add a different kind of charm to your voyage. As you set sail to the horizon, keep an eye on the waves for you just might glimpse dolphins at play as well. Before long you are bound to be fully captivated by the sight of the fiery sun, slowly descending beneath the waves, casting a vibrant glow on sea and sky. As you stand their hand in hand, being gently rocked by the waves, share some champagne or wine together, taking in this sight which is sure to be with you long after the sun has set. Some sunset cruises also offer onboard dinner, letting you enjoy a romantic meal together under the stars.

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