Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery of Modern Art or GOMA as it is fondly referred to as is perhaps the most popular local attraction in Queensland. Formally opened in 2006, GOMA is the largest gallery of modern and contemporary art in Australia. Interesting enough, the gallery also houses Australia’s first purpose built cinematheque – a film archive with small cinemas that screens mainly classics and indie films. If you are at the Oaks Lexicon Apartments one of the most luxurious Brisbane Holiday Apartments, do not hesitate to drop in at GOMA and experience the best local and international art.

The Queensland Art Gallery which GOMA is essentially a part of has an enchantingly rich history. It was opened by the Queensland Governor, Sir Henry Wylie Norman in 1895 and has since then become an important figure in the country’s cultural history. However with the inclusion of GOMA, The Queensland Art Gallery has now earned a very significant position in the international art circle.

Since its inception, GOMA has hosted a various exhibitions and cultural events. The gallery has exhibited works of Picasso, Andy Warhol, Matisse and many other famous painters. The gallery in is its dedication to encourage children to engage in art and also to cultivate budding artists, offers a wide range of interactive art activities for them. Featuring world class art shows and talks, and renowned contemporary artists, GOMA is a must visit for everyone.

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Queensland Performing Arts Centre – A magical setting

Performing arts is a way of artistic expression using body, voice or objects. This is the opposition of visual arts. These forms of art are an attraction for any country. Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Australia is a famous place for performing arts in the country and any visitor should not miss out on visiting this setting. If you visit this location, Next Hotel in Brisbane is an excellent accommodation option among hotels in Brisbane CBD.

Queensland Performing Arts Centre which is part of the Cultural Centre is located on the corner of the Melbourne Street. This is a triumph design that acts as a venue for all performers of art. It consists of 4 performance spaces. They are lyric theatre, concert hall, playhouse, cremorne theatre. Every year nearly about 1000 performances take place across all these theatres. These performances vary from dance, musicals, theatre, opera, comedy as well as contemporary and classical music concerts.

One of the most recent performances that enchanted the spectators this year was by American Ballet Theatre. Throughout the year, all visitors may find interesting events taking place to suit all sorts of artistic taste varying form dance to music and drama. It is definitely assured that you will be treated to one of the most enchanting spectacles of any visitor’s life.

When you visit this place, you will not have to worry about refreshments, parking or any of the same nature. Queensland Performing Arts Centre is a well facilitated location to entertain you as well as to make your experience a memorable one.

However, before you visit check the QPAC official website for upcoming visits and reserve your seats for an event of your preference to avoid harsh disappointments. If you have already visited this wonderful setting make this experience a Christmas gift to a loved one!

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Dinner Cruise at Brisbane River: An unforgettable experience of Queensland’s capital

With a length of over 344 km making it the longest river in south east Queensland, the mighty Brisbane river flows through the city that was named after it. If you are staying at a Brisbane Apartment Hotel like the iStay River City, a tour along this prodigious water body is the perfect way you can experience Brisbane.

The Brisbane river is not only famous for its length but also for the top attractions on either sides of its banks such as the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Port of Brisbane and the large number of bridges crossing over it that is of extreme historical and architectural importance such as the iconic Story Bridge, a heritage-listed steel cantilever bridge .

Situated on the southern side of the Brisbane River, the Kangaroo Point Cliffs were created by a quarrying operation. The volcanic rock Ignimbrite which formed the cliffs was deposited in the Triassic period about 220 million years ago. They currently form the banks of the Brisbane River. The area is a popular picnic and abseiling site. The Kangaroo Point Cliffs feature excellent rock climbing possibilities for all skill levels, being primarily a place for recreational climbing.

Catch the action of shipping and sailing while passing by the Port of Brisbane on your cruise down the river, as it is the third busiest port in Australia and the nation’s fastest growing container port. Located in the lower reaches of the Brisbane River, it includes the main shipping channel across Moreton Bay which extends 90 kilometres north to Mooloolaba and is dredged to maintain a depth fourteen meters at the lowest tide.

Whether it be a romantic cruise or a fun filled excursion with your family, a tour down the Brisbane River will promise to be an unforgettable experience especially in the night, as thousands of colorful lights of the bustling metropolitan city reflect on the water creating an unbelievable visual sensation.

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