Luxury Hotel Chains to visit in the World; Best Luxury Hotels to Holiday in

If you are planning on doing a bit of a tour to some of your favourite holiday destinations, there are quite a few luxury hotels that will be suitable for accommodation. Anantara, for example, is a collection of luxury resorts and spas which are spread out across the globe in various popular holiday destinations such as the Maldives and Bangkok. The resorts which belong to the Minor Hotels group are among the leading hotel brands out there today. Another luxury hotel chain is AVANI, and like many others of its rank, the resort is known for its ability to combine contemporary concepts and unique creativity. AVANI resorts can be found in some of the most beautiful locations of the world such as the UAE, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Australia, Seychelles and Thailand.

If you plan on visiting exotic destinations in Zanzibar, Dubai or even Maldives, a luxury hotel chain that you could visit would be PER AQUUM Hotels & Resorts. Underwater spas and destinations that boast magnificent views are among their pioneering concepts of these particular resorts. The Elewana Collection will take an enthusiastic traveler on a one-of-a-kind adventure where the wildlife of Africa is showcased in its natural habitat. Built in perfect harmony with nature, their hotels, camps and lodges offer any nature lover a true peek into the wild side of life. So if you are headed for Africa, try out the Elewana Collection on a stopover. Oaks Hotels & Resorts brings to the market, a great mix of “city hotels” which are located right in the middle of bustling cities that are considered some of the best across the world. With exceptional service and a full assortment of recreational facilities the hotels are ideal for small groups or even families on vacation. Brisbane and Melbourne are some of the popular travel destinations where you could try out these urban hotels. Portugal and Brazil are beautiful and adventure filled locations to explore and Tivoli is another luxury hotel experience that you could try out which will combine all the beauty and character of the respective destination coupled with modern comforts.


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Luxury experiences in Portugal – Destination for the young and the old

Portugal, a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, rich in delectable cuisine, fine wine, and hospitable people is a luxury destination for you who seek leisure or culture. Bathing in glorious sunlight 3000 hours per year, with 850 km of sun-kissed beaches, Portugal boasts of the oldest borders in Europe. A beautiful destination, Portugal offers luxury experiences for the entire family to indulge in.

An innovative way to enjoy the nature, you could opt for a picnic under the shade of a leafy palm tree. Seated on a checked picnic cloth with straw hats to keep away the dancing rays of Sun, this experience would make you nostalgic for the Famous Five days of yonder, while your kids would enjoy quality time with the parents in an all new way. If you wish to brave the alluring waters of the Atlantic Ocean, there are water safaris, parasailing and even jet skiing available, all designed with comfort and convenience of the visitor at the forefront. It is always best to check with the hotel of accommodation for possible experiences as some renowned hotel chains like Minor hotels offer the chance for whale watching during the season.

A vacation in Portugal could also be a chance for you to improve your cultural knowledge by taking a traditional mode of transport to explore the city. Instead of walking around trying to understand the local complications, find a tour guide to accompany you, who will divulge information on the beautiful city of Portugal while accompanying you to its many attractions at the same time. Portugal is rich in history and brimming with stories that would enchant not only the young visitors but the supervising adults as well. If you wish to make children the priority, a visit to Portugal dos Pequenitos where miniature versions of Portugal’s many monuments are on display would be ideal. Living Science Exploration Centre is another place that would charm the children no end, and make the holiday a truly memorable experience.

Portugal is an ideal location to make up for the missed bedtimes or the cancelled dinner dates and spend some quality time with the family, while ensuring comfort and luxury for the whole family.

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