Step aboard a 100 Year Old Rice Barge! – Converted into a Boutique 2 Cabin Cruising Boat

Cruise the River of Kings the Chao Phraya in style. Step back in time as you book a luxurious journey aboard a converted teak rice barge that offers all the trappings suited for royalty.

Unwind on a Three Day Cruise

Looking to go on Bangkok cruises? Step aboard the luxuriously converted rice barge and set off along the Chao Phraya River. Select the Ayutthaya Thousand Golden Temples tour offered by river cruise tour operators and Anantara Cruises, Thailand; popular for the Anantara Dream – a boutique 2 cabin boat made out of a 100 year old rice barge. The tour takes you past the splendours of the ancient kingdom.

Pass Iconic Landmarks

The Thousand Golden Temples Tour is one of the favoured for its dose of ancient culture. Drift by the Temple of Dawn, the Golden Palace and Royal Barges Museum; three of the most iconic attractions in Bangkok. Mind you views from the river are stunning.

Savour the Splendours of Ancient River Life

The Chao Phraya has been an integral part of Bangkok’s history; life is predominantly based around the curving waterway. Experience the traditions and allures of this age old friend to the Thai’s; on your rice barge cruise. The 3 day tour allows you to take part in the merit invoking services offered at temples along the river, explore the monastery housing the country’s largest Buddha statue and browse the confines of the Summer Palace of the once mighty kings of the Ayutthaya Kingdom.

Discover a UNESCO World Heritage Site

One of the most alluring aspects of Bangkok cruises is exploring the ancient Ayutthaya Kingdom. Visit the ruins; discover past grandeurs as you walk through archaeological sites and historical temples. The view of the kingdom from the deck of your barge is quite unforgettable; so take along the cameras folks as you make like a king and set sail on a 100 year old rice barge cum boutique hotel.

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Wat Phanan Choeing in Ayutthaya

Cultural attractions in Thailand are always great places of visit. They possess the ability to enchant all visitors by displaying their magnificent architectural talents widely appreciated all over the world. Wat Panan Choeing is one such admirable Buddhist temple in the historical sity of Ayutthaya. You can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful setting while engaging in a world renowned Chao Phraya Cruise offered by Anantara Cruises.

Wat Phanan Choeng temple is located on the east bank of the beautiful Chao Phraya River and it is now part of the Ayutthaya Historical Park, a popular tourist attraction. In fact, this temple had been constructed as early as 1324, even before Ayutthaya was officially found. Yet, it is believed the remaining temple is an extensively renovated establishment.

Moreover, the most attractive aspect of this setting is the impressive large Buddha image housed in the tall building. It is 19 metres of height and it too has undergone extensive restoration to protect it in the current status. It is in the posture of subduing Mara. Furthermore, it has been constructed in bricks and mortar.

It is also believed that this temple has a special relationship with the Chinese because the large Buddha image was restored by a respected Chinese traveller. You will also observe many Chinese writing as you enter the temple. Thus, this location has become a place of respect for Chinese as well.

Wat Phanan Choeng also stands out from many other temples because this temple is found to be a live setting. There are crowds of people almost every day to enjoy the eye-gripping beauty of the temple and worship Lord Buddha. Also, there are festivals and occasions of celebration taking place very often.

To sum up, this is an amazing cultural point to witness the historical values of Thailand culture.

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