A Romantic Guide to Bangkok – The Perfect Lovebirds’ Getaway

Thailand is a romantic destination and the city of Bangkok has ample of a couple of friendly things for you and your partner to engage in.

Test your culinary skills

If your partner and you love cooking, or simply want to try something new, then check out a cooking class in Bangkok! Thai cuisine is a combination of different flavours, herbs, and spices; therefore, learning to cook a dish from scratch is going to be quite the adventure. You can either opt for a private class or join the daily group activities.

Relax with a couple of massages

Unwind with your partner with a couple of massages. You can choose from a variety of different treatments depending on which hotel in Riverside Bangkok you pick! It’s best if you book in advance, making things convenient for you.

A walk around a park

Located in the middle of Bangkok, Lumpini Park is a break from the busy city. A chance to walk hand in hand around lakes and bridges, this picturesque park is ideal for all your couple photos. Head to the park before 8 AM if you’re up early to witness a beautiful morning at Lumpini.

Enjoy gorgeous views

There is no lack of beautiful rooftops in the city, and rooftop hopping is something you simply must experience with your partner! From bars, restaurants to pools, such as at Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel, Try and avoid the extremely touristy rooftops during peak hours, unless you don’t mind a large number of people!

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Fun Water Sports in Sri Lanka – Action-Packed Excitement For All

From action-packed thrills on the waves to underwater exploration, water sports in Sri Lanka offer plenty of fun adventures for families and adrenaline junkies alike!

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is one of the island’s most popular water sports and be you on a tour of the south coast or exploring places to visit in Kalutara, it’s well worth trying it out. Those without experience have the option of letting the jet ski instructor do all the manoeuvring; just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

While this water sport may not offer speed, it does provide plenty of fun exploration. Stand-up paddleboarding or SUP, can be enjoyed at resorts such as Anantara Kalutara Resort and it also makes for a great cardio workout too!

Snorkelling & Diving

Around the island are several coral reefs including the Bar Reef in Kalpitiya which can be seen while snorkelling. For more in-depth exploration diving is also available at reefs and even submerged wrecks home to fascinating marine life too.


Sri Lanka has gained a reputation for being a top surfing destination in Asia. Arugam Bay along the east coast draws surfers from all over the world, while Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Weligama are amongst the south coast surfing hotspots.

Banana Boat Rides

A water sport the whole family can enjoy, banana boat rides are simple and a whole lot of fun. No experience is required either as you are pulled along at thrilling speeds while seated on a huge inflatable “water sled”, often shaped like a banana!

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The Dubai Fountain – World’s Largest Choreographed Fountain System : A Water Show like no other

Located in the heart of Dubai and known as the largest of its type, the Dubai Fountain is one of the cities most popular tourist destinations. The fountain is choreographed to music from leading artists from all over the world.

How the music is selected

The songs that are played at the Dubai Fountain goes through a rigorous curation process to make sure that the venue’s dignity is preserved. The owner of the property occasionally submits recommendations for what music they would like to be played.

Honouring good music

Visiting the Dubai Foundation is a popular activity among tourist staying at one of the Palm Jumeirah hotels in Dubai similar to Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. The vast diversity of people visiting this venue make it impossible to make everyone happy. Hence the songs are selected because they deserve to be shown respect.

What gets rejected

The team who select the music that is played at the Dubai Foundation have to not only consider if the music selected can be choreographed but also have to think of the overall perception people have of the venue. Hence some songs that are popular but do not meet the standards are rejected. Gangnam Style, a hit South Korean song is a good example of a song that got rejected.

Musical diversity

The fountain hosts 13 shows daily shows between 1pm-1.30, 6pm-11pm. This gives it the opportunity to feature a large selection of songs that further proves that it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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Water Sports in the Maldives – Get Ready for a Thrilling Vacation Experience!

The Maldives is popular around the world for its stunning landscapes, beaches and the clear blue ocean that surrounds the archipelago. The equatorial location and the ideal weather conditions of the Maldives have made it a utopia water sports enthusiasts and now it offers a lot of water-related leisure activities.

Scuba Diving

The warm waters of the Maldives are ideal for marine creatures to thrive, the oceans are also home to an extensive array of corals which provides shelter and feeds the majority of marine life. A number of Maldives Five Star Resorts the likes of Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort has Scuba Diving in their list of leisure activities.


Unlike scuba diving which requires specialized equipment, Snorkelling can be done by anyone with a snorkel and a pair of flippers. You don’t also have to venture far from your resort as the reefs surrounding your resorts are ideal places to engage in this activity.


The Maldives is an idyllic destination for newbie surfers since some of the atolls feature waves that are medium height and are ideal for amateur surfers who are still trying to master the skill of surfing.

Game Fishing

The ocean surrounding the Maldives is heaven for fishssssing enthusiasts and it proves to be an ideal destination for game fishing as well. Large marine fish are abundant in the waters around the islands.

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Dhigu Island – A Paradise Isle!

Sink your feet in the pristine white sands and enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun, join with your loved one for a romantic dinner under the stars, there is so much more you could do during your time at Dhigu Island. Read on to know more.


Located several nautical miles to the south of the capital Male, The Digu island is regarded as one of the best islands in the Maldives to unwind an relax. The island is home to an amazing beach and it is surrounded by corals that house a variety of marine life.

Reaching here

Upon arriving at the male airport there are two ways you could reach the island that is by speed boat or by seaplane. Transfer through speed boat is the most affordable way to reach the island and it would take around 30-40 minutes to reach the island.

Things to do

There is plenty of things you could do while you are on the island. You could engage in a lot of leisure activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, scuba diving and more.

Accommodation options

The island is home to Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort which is one of the best resorts in Maldives. For families, there is a lot on offer at the resort and you could certainly have a memorable time together with your loved ones while you are here.

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Best things to do in Bali – Recipe for an exciting vacation experience!

Bali is one of the most sought after destinations in Indonesia, offering a lot of exciting things to see and do for its visitors. Read on to know more about.

Visit the Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Visit the Hindu temple located amidst the steep cliffs of Uluwatu get a glimpse of beautiful and ancient sculptures of Lord Ganesha. Witness the exquisite carvings that are printed on the walls of the coral bricks. You can also indulge in the breathtaking views by walking around the cliff top from the south of the temple.

File:Kuta Bali Indonesia Pura-Luhur-Uluwatu-03.jpg

Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas or alternatively © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, Kuta Bali Indonesia Pura-Luhur-Uluwatu-03CC BY-SA 3.0

Surfing at Balangan and Padang Padang Beach

These two beaches are very much popular among the surfers across the world. The surf brings in amazing waves for the surfers of all abilities. Located on the north-western coast of the Bukit Peninsula, these white sand beaches with azure waters will definitely be a treat for the soulful surfer.

Unwind and relax with the spa session

Uluwatu is home to a number of exotic spas and you indulge in one in almost all the resorts. You can enjoy therapies like a refreshing herbal bath, exotic massage sessions and much more if you are planning for a spa day. Some of the spas here offer Balinese treatments and tissue massage sessions which will rejuvenate your soul and mind.

Enjoy sunset views at Uluwatu Beach

Being the most famous beach in Bali, this is a wonderful place to join in for a relaxing walk with your loved one accompanied by spectacular sunset views. The beach is surrounded by magnificent limestone cliffs overlooking the great Indian Ocean. the beach is also located close to Bali beach resorts the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort.

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Top Things to Do When in Mauritius – Uncover a beautiful island nation

Mauritius is all about adventure and tropical allures. Jump off cliff-tops into shimmering pools, explore lava caves and swim in refreshing lakes or take it easy and bask on a gorgeous beach.

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park |Image Credit : Adamina, Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius, CC BY 2.0

Deep sea fishing

When in Mauritius, one should not miss trying out an exhilarating activity like deep sea fishing. You will witness huge species of fishes such as black and blue marlin, different varieties of barracuda and yellow tuna. Most of the 5 star hotels in Mauritius the likes of The Residence Mauritius by Cenizaro provide facilities to have a memorable deep sea fishing experience.

Discover Black River Gorges National Park

This is the jumping off point for most of the trails taken along the Plaine Champagne route. It is quite easy to access the main lookout points of this park which is home to a variety of wildlife. Plenty of trails are found close by for exploring the stunning surroundings with the most popular being Parakeet Trail, Gollum Trail, and Bell Ombre Trail, amongst many more.

Ilot Fourneau

Ilot Fourneau is an offshore island to which you can walk at low tide. This is quite an experience as you trek through the water with the stunning Le Morne Barbant in the background. Trek along the rocky shore of the island and you can navigate its circumference. The experience is almost dreamlike as you wade across the lagoon.

Explore the Roche Noire Lava Tubes

Head over to Roche Noire and you will discover a network of lava tubes that represent freshwater springs as well as caves carved into the rock face. Explore these networks and you will be amazed at the interiors with flowing water and narrow passageways which give way to dark sheltered caverns.

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Reasons Why Adventure Lovers Should Visit The Middle East – Thrills Galore in Store!

Are you the kind of person who craves that jolt of adrenaline on your holiday? From discovering exotic creatures of the wild to riding down slopes of sand, the Middle East has plenty of gripping adventures to keep you satisfied!

Wildlife Drives & Horse Riding

A thrilling wildlife drive at areas such as Sir Bani Yas Island’s, Arabian Wildlife Park gives you the chance to witness the wild beauty of animals like Arabian oryxes, ostriches and cheetahs. The island which is also home to Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort is an ideal site for exciting horse riding as well.

Desert Safaris

If you are looking for a way to get in some unique sightseeing in Abu Dhabi along with an adrenaline rush sign up for a desert safari. You could either travel the traditional way on a camel or for a more fast-paced experience, in a 4WD vehicle where you can engage in what is known as “dune bashing”.


The Middle East has vast tracks of desert home to towering sand dunes; this makes the perfect setting for the thrill-a-second activity known as sandboarding. It’s an extreme sport which is pretty much the same as snowboarding, just with mountains of sand instead of mountains of snow!


An adventure doesn’t always have to be action-packed; hiking amidst the imposing wadis and mountains of the Middle East is one such example be it at Wadi Tayyibah in Fujairah, Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain or the “Secret Staircase” at the Musandam Mountains.

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Sathorn Attractions – Must-See Places in Bangkok

If you are on holiday in Bangkok, then you are in luck! Why so you may ask? Well, Sathorn, Bangkok boasts some of the most amazing attractions and here are a few you might want to check out.

Chatuchak Market

Markets in Sathorn, Bangkok are always busy with hordes of both locals and tourists walking about looking out for the perfect buy. Not to mention the multitude of sellers waiting in their stands filled with items on sale.

Lumpini Park

Amid an urban environment is half a mass if greenery that invites city residents to become one with nature. The park has ultimately turned out to be a popular hangout spot among those living in Bangkok and home to many plant and wildlife. Check out a Sathorn hotel in Bangkok, the likes of Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel for a great time.

Gaysorn Mall

Find all the best things you are searching for in one place that is suitable for the for high-end shopping. Gaysorn Mall in Bangkok is one of the most sought after and trusted malls for retailing branded items of all sorts.

Nightlife in Sathorn, Bangkok

Bangkok is famed all around the world for its bright nightlife. The streets are alive with the sound of vehicles as the pavements are left pulsating with the chatter of animated people going about their business.

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Honeymoon in Maldives – Oh the love!

With so much to see and so much to do, honeymooning in the Maldives can be quite the fun-filled vacation. However, let’s look at some important tips to note when you visit.

1) Diving and Snorkelling

The Maldives is home to some of the most gorgeous oceans and breath-taking marine life found across the entire world. This makes it one of the most sought-after destinations for both diving and snorkelling. This activity is a great way to spend some time together on your honeymoon, whether it’s skimming the surface or even diving deep down under.

2) Explore Malé

When you get to the Maldives, its capital Malé would most likely be your first spot to check out. And do check it out because here you’ll be able to check out its busy city life up close. You can try some amazing authentic Maldivian delicacies and shop for some gifts to take back home.

3) Take a Spa Day

Whether it’s a cleansing facial or a relaxing massage, taking a spa day with your loved one is an excellent way to unwind and spend some quality time. You can even opt for a couple’s massage. Maldives resorts are plentiful, with a whole variety to pick from, such as the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort for instance.

4) Engage in Some Water Sports

If you crave something active, water sports like water-skiing or jet skiing can prove to be an ideal option on your honeymoon.

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