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Buckingham Palace 

The Buckingham Palace, currently home to the royal family of England also houses as an administrative headquarters to the city of London. The palace initially built for the duke of Buckingham in 1703 was redesigned and reconstructed in 1850 and 1913. The palace has since…


Ayurvedic Diet / Cuisine 

In Sanskrit language ‘Ayur’ means Life and ‘Veda’ means Science, thus Ayurveda can be defined as Life Science or the Science of Life. Ayurveda originates from India and enlightens you on how to live healthy and long. With a documented history of over 5000 years…


Palais Garnier 

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world frequented by millions of visitors every year. The city is synonymous with classical music and arts while being acclaimed as a trendsetter for world class designer fashions. One of Paris’ popular tourist attractions…


Windsurfing in Goa 

White sands, swaying palm trees and serene waters are only some of the many factors attracting over million tourists visitors annually to Goa’s mild shores, the glorious portion of India embracing the country’s Western coastline and surrounded by the great Arabian Sea. Above all, Goa…